Fiona Hewitson confronts Red Bull

Horner Gate: Hewitson’s Battle with Red Bull


Fiona Hewitson confronts Red Bull over a broken promise in the “Horner Gate” scandal, marking a significant betrayal.

Fiona Hewitson, the young woman involved in the “Horner Gate,” has expressed disappointment and betrayal by her employer, Red Bull, for not adhering to the initial agreement at the start of the investigation.

Having served as Christian Horner’s personal assistant for seven years, she believes Red Bull has abandoned her by deciding to sideline her.

According to some sources, the team principal’s lawyers offered compensation of 700,000 euros, while the severance paid by the company amounted to 300,000 euros.

Regardless, the young woman is bitter and can only acknowledge the scant support received from a field she perceives as male-dominated.

“Fiona had shared her concerns in private and adhered strictly to the rules, only to be thrown to the wolves in the press,” laments one of her close friends. “Red Bull has acted unfairly, depriving her of a job she loves in an industry where her professionalism has always been highly regarded.”

Before joining Red Bull Racing, Hewitson was responsible for public relations at KV Racing Technology in the USA, participating in the IndyCar championship (photo above).

“The investigation was supposed to be confidential, fair, and transparent, yet Horner was exonerated, and she was suspended without explanation,” she adds. “Who establishes the facts and makes decisions at Red Bull? Who has access to the file to identify the source of these leaks? In other words, who benefits from the crime?”

According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, which initially disclosed the scandal, the complainant might still appeal the private investigation or take the matter to civil court, but neither she nor her lawyers have commented on the course of action she intends to pursue. Unless, of course, the “amicable” settlement has borne fruit…

Fiona Hewitson confronts Red Bull. Fiona Hewitson confronts Red Bull


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