FIA Qualifying Slow Laps F1 2024

FIA Reverses Slow Lap Rules in F1 Qualifying


FIA’s Niels Wittich retracts stricter qualifying slow lap rules after driver feedback, focusing on Safety Car line times.

The FIA Formula 1 Race Director, Niels Wittich, has reversed his stance on the rules he had initially tightened regarding slow laps in qualifying, particularly when entering and exiting the pits.

In the race director’s notes, he had included a section stating that drivers would be monitored at each marshal’s post to ensure they did not drive excessively slowly.

Ultimately, Wittich reversed his decision, and the only time that will be considered is that between the two Safety Car lines. This comes after the drivers’ briefing, where they seemingly persuaded the race director to maintain the existing rules.

Therefore, drivers will be summoned if they have driven too slowly during their in-lap or out-lap from the pits and will be penalized if there is no justification. If it occurred as they were letting a competitor pass, they will be cleared, as was the case last year.

The race direction also reminds that this does not negate the operation of the articles requiring drivers to respect their competitors on track and not to hinder them, and that any incidents will be treated in the usual manner.


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