FIA Penalty System Reform

Albon Calls for FIA to Revise Off-Track Penalties


Alex Albon urges the FIA to rethink off-track penalties, advocating for position returns over time penalties for a fairer race outcome.

Alex Albon is convinced that the FIA should revisit the penalty system when a driver gains an advantage off-track, rather than simply imposing a time penalty. The Williams F1 driver points out that had Kevin Magnussen been required to return his position to Yuki Tsunoda in Jeddah, the race outcome would have been fairer, and it would discourage teams from attempting it again.

“Securing points for your teammate with a 10-second penalty,” Albon remarked. “Why not do it everywhere? I don’t believe five to ten seconds are adequate. I think it should be mandated to return the position, and leave things as they are.”

And while Albon did not appreciate Haas’s maneuver, he understands it perfectly given the stakes: “You saw it this weekend. I think any team would do the same if you’re sacrificing one driver for guaranteed points.”

“Perhaps the top teams wouldn’t do it. But the midfield teams needing to score points at every opportunity would do it every time. I think there will be more and more drivers doing it to secure points for their teammate.”

The Thai driver reflects on the race and laments that the FW46 struggled with top speed. According to him, the potential of the British single-seater was greater than the results suggest.

“Unfortunately, we lacked the necessary speed and suffered front wing damage, which prevented us from advancing in the pack. We had a better race car than we showed today, so now we’re focusing on improvements for Australia.”

FIA Penalty System Reform . FIA Penalty System Reform


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