FIA May Exit France Over Legal Fiscal Issues

FIA May Exit France Over Legal, Fiscal Issues


The FIA, pivotal in motorsports, might leave France due to unsuitable legal and fiscal conditions. This decision could significantly impact the country’s historic role in the sport.

The governing body of F1 has disclosed that it might depart France.

The century-old FIA, along with FIFA for football, both based in Paris, have told French publications that their main complaint is a “legal and fiscal system” that is “not suited to their activities.”

“Although France is the cradle of motorsport, international competition, especially in terms of labor costs, and the globalization of the sport are undermining this position,” confirmed Xavier Malenfer, a FIA official.

“Without a specific recognition of the status for international sports federations, there is little hope of seeing FIA’s activities further develop, despite all the undeniable merits of Paris.”

It appears that at the end of last year, French authorities indicated that favorable tax regimes for international sports bodies might no longer be possible.

Thus, the FIA and FIFA are now jointly demanding clarification “regarding the legal, social, and fiscal regime that would apply to them.”

“International sports federations are not asking for extraordinary privileges, nor to be treated better than other types of organizations, but not worse either,” stated Kenny Jean-Marie, director of FIFA’s Paris section.

FIA May Exit France Over Legal, Fiscal Issues

FIA May Exit France Over Legal, Fiscal Issues. FIA May Exit France Over Legal, Fiscal Issues

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