Ferrari's Strong Start Puts Pressure on Red Bull

Ferrari’s Strong Start Puts Pressure on Red Bull


As Ferrari begins the season strongly, the team’s director Fred Vasseur expresses satisfaction with their performance and readiness to challenge Red Bull’s dominance in the Formula 1 standings.

For Ferrari, the progress this season is undeniable, and the Scuderia is quite clearly the second force on the grid, although McLaren F1, with significant upgrades expected in Miami, might respond and take the title of best of the rest from the Scuderia.

Fred Vasseur, the team’s director, expresses some satisfaction to AFP, although, of course, the Reds aim for regular victories and ultimately world titles, meaning dethroning Red Bull.

“We always want more, but it’s certain that the raw results are good. We’re in the match with Red Bull, even though they are a bit faster than us.”

“We are close, which allows us to reap the benefits when they don’t perform well, or when they have a problem. If we progress a little more, we might be able to put them under pressure and also cause some errors on their part.”

“But indeed, it’s a good start to the season. Last year, we left too many points on the table – and when you finish just three points behind Mercedes (runner-up), it’s frustrating. This year, I don’t feel we’ve let even half a point slip.”

After these first races of the season, can Vasseur set a clear goal for his team?

“Progress, and thus do better than third in the constructors’ championship. I would like to leave Abu Dhabi thinking ‘this season, we did the job on the track, we left nothing on the table’.”

Ferrari's Strong Start Puts Pressure on Red Bull

Ferrari’s Strong Start Puts Pressure on Red Bull. Ferrari’s Strong Start Puts Pressure on Red Bull

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