Ferrari's Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Continues

Vasseur Warns Against Complacency Post-Monaco Win


Fred Vasseur insists Ferrari must continue improving despite their Monaco victory, warning that complacency can be fatal in the competitive world of Formula 1. The team’s relentless drive for perfection remains unwavering.

Vasseur does not want to celebrate Ferrari’s progress too openly. The Scuderia’s director believes that the pursuit of success requires constant self-questioning and that one should never let their guard down.

“If you start thinking you’re in good shape, you’re dead,” Vasseur told Italian media. “This means we must maintain the same approach and continuously improve, department by department, in all areas, including the drivers, the pit wall, and everything else.”

“Even when you do a good job, you have to do better the following week. If you start to believe that what you’re doing is good, it’s the beginning of the end. In every area, we need to push the limits a bit further.”

He considers, as he has since the start of the season, that everything is still open: “I never said that Red Bull was champion after six races and I won’t say today that this won’t be the case. We still have 16 races to go, I don’t know.”

“Probably we can still score 500 points in the end, which means nothing is decided one way or the other. But I am sure that Red Bull and Max have never considered themselves already champions.”

“And it’s probably part of the game that you always have to do more, push further, and if at any point you think it’s good, you’re there, you’re dead. That’s the DNA of what we do. And I’m convinced that Red Bull isn’t in that mindset.”

“It would be a mistake to think too much about the long-term future. We have a very exciting championship with three teams fighting against each other, with five or six cars capable of fighting for pole position.”

“We know that from one weekend to the next, you can go from P1 to P6, as happened to Max last weekend. And it would be a mistake, strategically speaking, to think about the end of the championship.”

“We need to focus on the next race, on Canada, on development, to get the best out of what we have and do a good job, and then we’ll see what happens at the end.”

Vasseur “Doesn’t Care About Other” Teams

When asked about the potential battle against Red Bull and McLaren, the Frenchman insists he hasn’t addressed this topic: “That’s not me, I don’t talk about fighting with McLaren or Red Bull. First, I focus solely on myself.”

“I don’t care about the others, the goal is to do a good job, improve the car, do a good job with the drivers. Then we fight with the guys who are with us on the grid, and I don’t focus on anyone because we still have 16 races to go.”

“McLaren is a contender, for sure. In Monaco, we were 1 and 3, they were 2 and 4, we had exactly the same pace. I think on Saturday, it was a matter of a tenth for us and they were ahead of us the week before in Imola, and it will be like this until the end. I wasn’t thinking about Red Bull and I’m not fixated on Red Bull right now.”

Vasseur is pleased to see the morale of the team rise further after Charles Leclerc’s victory in Monaco: “For the team, it’s also confirmation that we are pushing in the right direction and it gives confidence to the guys. I don’t know if I should be proud of something.”

“But what’s good is that I can at least feel the team’s self-confidence, the team’s mood, and the ability to take risks. I think this can also help Charles gain confidence because he had been waiting for a victory in Monaco for years and had gone a year and a half without winning.”

He finally reveals part of the content of his post-victory speech in Maranello earlier this week: “I told them that every member of the team is a differentiating factor in terms of performance. Everyone in the company plays a role and it’s not just about the head of aerodynamics or the chief engineer.”

“Performance comes from everyone in terms of accelerating production or quality. I explained to them that they own the results when the results are not excellent, but they also own the results when we win. It’s their trophy as much as anyone else’s.”

Ferrari’s Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Continues. Ferrari’s Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Continues

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