Ferrari's 2024 F1 Progress Cheers Vasseur

Vasseur Highlights ‘Major’ Ferrari Gains in Speed Corners


At the dawn of the 2024 season, Ferrari’s advancements, especially in high-speed corners and tire durability, have Fred Vasseur optimistic.

Fred Vasseur is pleased to observe progress at Ferrari at the start of the 2024 season. The Scuderia’s director is particularly satisfied with the improvement in this year’s F1 car’s performance in fast corners, and the progress made in tire degradation.

“I think we have made a significant step forward in high-speed corners compared to last year, and Suzuka is a good example of that,” Vasseur stated. “As for tire management, we have our weaknesses, it is of course a compromise. You gain some and lose some.”

“But on the whole, if you compare with Red Bull, the last four weekends of last year and the first four Grands Prix of this season, it’s a good step forward. Sure, they have a bit of a lead, but our goal is to put them under pressure, because with pressure, you make more mistakes.”

Vasseur hopes the Sprint format will once again favor Ferrari at the Chinese Grand Prix, but he also knows that tire selection and settings will be crucial to quickly get into the rhythm: “What’s a bit tricky in the China format is the tire allocation.”

“With one session, you have to choose the compound you will test on Friday. This means that anticipating the weekend is crucial. Last year, the Sprint races went generally well, but we still don’t know if this is due to the format or to the track layout.”

“So far, we have always started the weekend well and we have the ability to be ready from the first session. It’s so tight, this weekend, we had four teams within a tenth. You can’t assume that what worked one weekend will hold true the next; we start from scratch the following week.”

Ferrari's 2024 F1 Progress Cheers Vasseur

Ferrari’s 2024 F1 Progress Cheers Vasseur. Ferrari’s 2024 F1 Progress Cheers Vasseur

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