Ferrari Accelerates SF-24 Upgrades to Challenge Red Bull

Ferrari Accelerates SF-24 Upgrades to Challenge Red Bull


Ferrari is intensifying efforts to fast-track enhancements to the SF-24, aiming to bridge the performance gap with Red Bull as the F1 season progresses, according to Charles Leclerc.

Charles Leclerc emphasized that Ferrari is doing its utmost to hasten the introduction of upgrades to its 2024 Formula 1 car, the SF-24, as the team strives to close the current gap to Red Bull.

Ferrari now has a more consistent and stable base with the SF-24, which, according to Frédéric Vasseur, should make it easier to enhance performance with upcoming developments.

“There are always weaknesses in a car, and things to improve, for sure. It is very clear to us where we need to improve,” Leclerc confided.

“I think the overall package needs to be faster, and that’s ultimately everyone’s goal, particularly in races, where Red Bull has the car’s predictability, especially when managing tires, because when you are in race stints, the car’s weaknesses become more apparent.”

“In qualifying, when the tires are new, we are quite close to Red Bull. On some tracks, especially those with high degradation, we still struggle a bit more once the tires are worn.”

“So we still need to improve the predictability of degradation, and I hope then we can make the necessary step to beat Red Bull.”

A major package will arrive at Imola, marking the start of the European campaign, but the Maranello-based team introduced some minor new parts at Suzuka.

But what after Imola? Leclerc revealed that Ferrari is attempting to reduce the anticipated delay for developments, as the sooner it can bring new parts, the more it will increase its chances.

“I can’t say exactly when we will bring the upgrades. However, what I can say is that it also changes depending on what we are trying in the wind tunnel, and obviously, we are also trying to reduce the production delays of these parts as much as possible so that it is as early as possible in the season.”

“Obviously, every race that we gain in terms of delays, that’s also potential extra points that we gain.”

“So we are pushing to have them as early as possible in the season. When? I can’t answer that.”

Ferrari Accelerates SF-24 Upgrades to Challenge Red Bull

Ferrari Accelerates SF-24 Upgrades to Challenge Red Bull. Ferrari Accelerates SF-24 Upgrades to Challenge Red Bull

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