Ferrari 2024 Staff Rotations

Ferrari Plans 2024 Staff Rotations for Historic Season


In a strategic move, Ferrari aims to rotate staff in 2024, ensuring the F1 season’s demands are more manageable for the team.

An interview with Diego Ioverno, the Sporting Director and Operations Head of Scuderia Ferrari.

What are the main changes to the sporting regulations that will most affect teams in 2024?

“There will be numerous changes to the sporting regulations in 2024. The key change will be a different format for Sprint weekends. There has been a long discussion on modifying these weekends to make them more interesting for the fans and more challenging for the teams. There will be a Phase 1 of Parc Fermé to allow teams to work on the cars and prepare for Saturday afternoon’s qualifying, before Parc Fermé. Interesting changes for fans will also include the DRS, which can be activated one lap after the start or restart. We’ve also revised the allocation of rain tires; we will no longer have four sets of intermediates and three sets of wet tires, but rather five and two. And there are also points still under discussion, but they will not be included in the sporting regulations in 2024. These will be integrated into the race director’s notes, especially regarding traffic management in qualifying or track limit enforcement.”

In terms of team operations, what areas did you particularly focus on this winter?

“The second part of the 2023 season was positive. There was a trend towards progress, but upon analyzing our season, we realized that something was missing. We weren’t opportunistic enough, and we lost points. We want to score as many points as possible, and that requires having a very fast car. But as fast as it may be, execution matters, and it needs to be done well. We’ve had numerous reliability issues, made mistakes, and encountered communication problems, and these are the areas we’ve worked on by reviewing procedures for weekend execution.”

With 24 races this year, more than ever before, how is the team organized to operate at a maximum level throughout the season?

“The 2024 season will be the longest, ending on December 8th. It will be challenging and stressful for our employees. We tried rotating in 2023, and it paid off. We will do the same in 2024 to try to maximize people’s performance, making it more manageable for them, and allowing them time to rest. We have to accept that this rotation might include different levels of preparation and exchanges within the team, but we believe this is the way forward for the future.”

Ferrari 2024 Staff Rotations. Ferrari 2024 Staff Rotations

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