F1's Rising Popularity in the USA Drivers Take Note

F1 Mania Sweeps the US: Drivers Reflect on Soaring Popularity


Formula 1 is experiencing a meteoric rise in the United States, captivating new audiences and markedly changing the landscape for drivers and teams alike.

Undoubtedly, F1 drivers also directly notice the sport’s growing popularity in the United States in recent years.

The acquisition of F1 by Liberty Media and the Netflix effect have been significant factors.

They can no longer walk unnoticed in a city hosting a Grand Prix like they could a decade ago, as reported by the three-time Red Bull world champion.

“Of course. I mean, compared to 2015, it has increased a lot. If you compare it to their population, it’s still very, very small,” analyzes Max Verstappen.

“But it’s true that we are much more recognized. I prefer, of course, not to be too recognized in a city, but it’s good. The atmosphere created by the fans is great. You can see there are a lot more people in the cities where F1 arrives. Our best example is certainly Austin. From 2015 to today, there are definitely a lot more people, a lot more fans in the city, who also recognize you in the hotels, and it’s great for the sport.”

Sitting beside him at the press conference, Charles Leclerc has “not much to add to what Max has said.”

“Obviously, it has changed quite a bit since my first year in 2018. It’s good to see. In terms of tension or pressure, for us, it doesn’t change much. On the contrary, as Max said, there’s even a little less than in Europe, where we are much better known. It’s not like Europe, but F1 is growing here, which is a good thing.”

Does the Monegasque have any feedback on the reactions to the blue used by Ferrari in Miami?

“I think everyone expected more blue on the car, but everyone loved the team kit (clothing and suits), which is great. But for me, a Ferrari should be red, so I’m glad it’s not an entirely blue car.”

His teammate, Carlos Sainz, concludes.

“Yes, the same. I think it’s fantastic to see this sport grow in the United States. It’s not the only place where it’s growing. I’ve been very impressed by China. After five years without going to China, you can really feel the difference, between the last weekend in Shanghai and China five years ago. The number of fans there and their involvement in the sport is incredible.”

“And the United States is more progressive because we are growing, I think, in a more progressive way. And it’s great to see. Yes, sometimes in the cities, it gets a bit hectic, as Max said, or when we arrive at a track. But that’s the price to pay for being perhaps a bit more recognized, a bit more famous, which is a good problem for F1 to have.”

F1's Rising Popularity in the USA Drivers Take Note

F1’s Rising Popularity in the USA: Drivers Take Note. F1’s Rising Popularity in the USA: Drivers Take Note

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