F1 McLaren Jeddah 2024

Norris and Piastri: McLaren’s Optimistic Charge to Jeddah


After a positive showing at the Bahrain Grand Prix, McLaren F1 and Lando Norris look to carry momentum into Jeddah, eyeing continued success in the 2024 season.

McLaren F1 experienced a much more positive Bahrain Grand Prix than in previous seasons. Lando Norris finished sixth and lauded a positive race, hopeful his team can follow up with a strong performance in Jeddah this weekend.

“We’ve started the 2024 season well and hope to keep this momentum going into the Saudi Arabian GP,” Norris stated. “There were a few areas for improvement identified after the Bahrain GP, which we aim to continue working on.”

“However, we’ve had a good start, and we can build our season from here. It’s great to start the season scoring points, and we hope to add more this weekend.”

Oscar Piastri, finishing eighth at the Bahrain GP, now aims to further his understanding of the MCL38 to score points again: “I’m looking forward to returning to the Saudi Arabian GP.”

“We’re in a better position this year, and it feels good to have scored points in the first race. We’ve identified a few areas to improve during the week, which we’ll attempt to address this weekend. We’ll do our best to conclude this double-header by scoring points with both cars.”

Andrea Stella, the director of McLaren F1, is pleased with the first race’s outcome on a track that wasn’t ideal for the team and hopes to shine this weekend: “We leave Bahrain with 12 points, a good start to the 2024 season.”

“We’re now heading to the Saudi Arabian GP, a fast urban circuit with very different characteristics from the Bahrain track. This presents a new challenge and opportunity to learn more about the MCL38 on a fast and flowing layout.”

“I want to thank all team members once again for their hard work, allowing us to start the season on a positive note. We will continue working hard to improve our performance and achieve solid and consistent results.”

f1 McLaren Jeddah 2024 Momentum. f1 McLaren Jeddah 2024 Momentum


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