F1 CEO Defends 24-Race Calendar Amid Driver Concerns


Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1, counters driver criticisms of the grueling 24-race schedule, emphasizing its necessity.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has addressed criticisms of the sport’s calendar, which is set to include 24 races this year, with no cancellations anticipated.

Three-time world champion Max Verstappen had previously described the expanded schedule as “well beyond the limit.”

Like Verstappen, Fernando Alonso said the 24-race calendar “far exceeds the limit” and questioned its sustainability.

F1 has consistently added new events to its schedule over the past decades and is expected to embark on another series of 24 races in 2025.

Despite concerns that the schedule is too busy, Domenicali believes that 24 events are the right number.

“I think 24 is an optimal number with the events we have organized so far.”

“The good news, this year, I took the responsibility for the teams and promoters to announce the calendar much earlier than usual so that everyone is prepared.”

“This has also been another step towards an attempt at regionalizing the calendar. We can’t do it completely but I think we have made another good step, so I am very pleased.”

When asked for his response to criticisms about the length of the calendar, Domenicali replied: “I think 24 is better than 12.”

“I talk with the drivers: if you want to drive, you can drive every day, if you don’t want to drive in Formula 1, it’s not mandatory.”

“It’s a matter of respect for the fans. They want to see them race. This is something we have, the responsibility of all our fans, our partners, our promoters, our sponsors, our broadcasters – everyone.”

“The magic of the sport we live in lies in the fact that we need heroes who love what they do. And I’m sure they enjoy it.”

F1 CEO Defends 24-Race Calendar Amid Driver Concerns

F1 CEO Defends 24-Race Calendar Amid Driver Concerns. F1 CEO Defends 24-Race Calendar Amid Driver Concerns

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