Eddie Jordan Reveals Journey to Managing Newey

Eddie Jordan Reveals Journey to Managing Newey


Eddie Jordan, in a surprising reveal, explains his transition from a longtime friend to the manager of renowned engineer Adrian Newey, highlighting their shared history and unique bond over the decades.

Eddie Jordan was quietly named as Adrian Newey’s manager in the press release announcing the British engineer’s departure from Red Bull. The former F1 team boss describes how the two ended up working together, having known each other for over 30 years.

“We must pay tribute to Ian Phillips, who was his team director back at Leyton House in the late ’80s,” Jordan notes on the Formula for Success podcast. “That’s how far back I go with Adrian. There are funny stories… I’ve always been apprehensive. Adrian is so smart that I wondered if I should be in the same room as him.”

“He thinks differently from me. He doesn’t look like me. The one thing we have in common is a total love for music. Behind this person, there’s a rock star. Glastonbury doesn’t happen without him being there. The Isle of Wight Festival…”

“Over the years, he’s told me, ‘Eddie, I’m not happy with this, or I like that.’ We go sailing and he says, ‘I like this, it’s a good way for me to relax from racing, which drives me crazy.’ We know the number of championships he’s won for drivers and teams. There are 25 in total.”

“I dare say that with the pace Max Verstappen is going, he will add more this year. I must remind everyone that he is still part of the Red Bull team, as we speak. He is always determined that, when he leaves, it should be a celebration. And that’s how it should be done.”

Adrian Newey has announced that he will continue in Formula 1 for a few more years (read here), and his destination appears to be Ferrari. However, Jordan advises all interested teams to call Newey, hinting that nothing is signed yet.

“He’s currently in England. I suggest everyone call him. He mentioned that his father was a veterinarian during his childhood, but he wanted to be an engineer. He retired at 65 and always regretted it.”

“I might be wrong. On one hand, he’s 66 years old, he has more money than time. He doesn’t need to follow this path. I think there’s another season in play for him, in terms of contracts. It will be him.”

Jordan “does not make recommendations” to Newey

And Jordan clarifies his role, as well as that of Adrian’s wife, Amanda Newey: “My role is very clear. I gather information. I put it on paper. I do not make recommendations. He asks me occasionally what I would do in his place. I explain how I see things, telling him I’m not unbiased.”

“I tell him that’s how I see things, but I might be biased in favor of him racing or rallying around the world. We understand each other’s mindsets.”

“Amanda has to be part of this setup. She might want to continue racing if it’s important to them as a family. Or she might say ‘put the dogs on the boat.’ I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

The Irishman finally praises the intellectual abilities of his friend and client: “I tell him, ‘Adrian, when you have a pencil in your hand and you’re looking at a drawing board, you have no equal.’ If you take the pencil away, he becomes like all of us. I’m serious, he’s a normal man.”

“But inside that brain, there’s something very smart coming out. He’s always right. He’s a genius when it comes to assessing how to leverage the rules, how to make the most of them, how to ensure that the team and the car maximize all possibilities.”

Eddie Jordan Reveals Journey to Managing Newey

Eddie Jordan Reveals Journey to Managing Newey. Eddie Jordan Reveals Journey to Managing Newey

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