Drivers Split on F1's New Points Proposal

Drivers Split on F1’s New Points Proposal


The F1 Commission debates a fresh points format, potentially reshaping championship dynamics from 2025.

The F1 Commission is meeting this week to discuss a new points system for the sport, which could be introduced as early as 2025.

This would see points awarded to the top 12 finishers in a Grand Prix, rather than just the top 10, and offer an additional opportunity for teams that do not regularly score points.

But what do current drivers think of the proposed change, which could alter the landscape of the constructors’ championship? More opinions have been voiced following those already published yesterday (read here).

As a member of one of the three teams that have yet to score points this season, it’s perhaps not a major surprise that Valtteri Bottas wants to see the change.

“Given where we are as a team, yes, I am in favor of the change. But if you are one of the top three or four teams, it doesn’t bother you.”

“To be fair to everyone, I think the more points there are, even in the sprint, the better. In my opinion, it would provide a more representative result at the end of the season of the gaps between each team.”

“It creates even more competition. It’s extremely difficult to score now, the top five teams have a slight gap over the others.”

While acknowledging the benefits that the additional points could bring to Williams, Alex Albon emphasized that he would simply prefer to be in the top five and consistently in the traditional positions needed to score points.

“Do I want this new scoring system? Maybe—but at the same time, you want to be in the top 5.”

“In some ways, it’s like when you’re one of the last five teams, you’re looking for that wet, red-flagged race that will transform your entire championship.”

“That’s what we’re counting on. Last year was a bit tighter; McLaren wasn’t always there, and we could fight on some weekends for a top 10. It’s true that now, unless there’s a retirement, nothing will happen for the last five teams.”

“We’re mostly fighting for 10th place. I should ask my team if we want this scoring system—I myself don’t care. I would just prefer to do a better job and be among the top five teams.”

Pierre Gasly, on the other hand, is categorically against this idea despite Alpine’s current position in the hierarchy.

“The last five teams just need to do a better job, it’s as simple as that, it’s always been the same. These last two years, if you’re not in the top 10, you need to find a solution and build a faster car.”

“I’m happy with how things are going with the points. I don’t want to change the way Formula 1 works too much. Sometimes, when you have an excellent tool, there’s no need to just reinvent the wheel. I’m happy to keep the scoring as it is.”

Drivers Split on F1's New Points Proposal

Drivers Split on F1’s New Points Proposal. Drivers Split on F1’s New Points Proposal

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