Domenicali Predicts End to Verstappen’s Domination


F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali signals a shift in the sport as Verstappen’s dominant era faces challenges.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has hinted that Max Verstappen’s reign at the top of the sport may soon come to an end.

The former Scuderia Ferrari head, who has been managing the sport in recent years, observes that a tightening at the top of the grid, marked by wins for Ferrari and McLaren in the first six races, bodes well.

This may not prevent Verstappen from securing a fourth title, but it won’t be with the red carpet rolled out as in 2023.

“F1 did not intervene in Red Bull’s dominance, despite calls to change the rules last year. It’s fair to say that we don’t manufacture false outcomes just because someone is outperforming the others. That’s not the goal of the sport.”

“And indeed, throughout its history, Formula 1 has experienced cycles where great drivers have dominated for many years consecutively, which hasn’t deterred fan interest.”

“There is also the fact that if too many races are won by the same team or driver, you need to acknowledge the people behind it, the making of a legend.

“We must therefore respect that so far, Max has been the best driver. But soon, perhaps, someone else will take that spot.”

“The tightening is finally happening and if Red Bull continues to lead, they must do everything correctly to avoid being overtaken. And that will become increasingly difficult for them and Max.”

Domenicali thus urged fans to keep their interest in F1, denying that the sport is currently dull.

“These negative fans are very, very few, I would say. We are sold out worldwide, and viewership has significantly increased.”

“So I think they are a very limited number, but they should stay focused on our sport, because there are great things to see.”

“All the F1 teams are very close. Anything can happen at any moment. I would therefore advise them to stay with us.”

Domenicali Predicts End to Verstappen's Domination

Domenicali Predicts End to Verstappen’s Domination. Domenicali Predicts End to Verstappen’s Domination

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