Daniel Ricciardo's Painful Monaco Absence

Ricciardo’s Monaco Jealousy Revealed


Daniel Ricciardo missed racing at Monaco in 2023, calling it one of his most painful memories.

Daniel Ricciardo believes the Monaco circuit is one of the best in Formula 1. Last year, the RB F1 driver watched as a spectator and recalls it as one of his most painful memories.

“I remember watching from the pit lane, because if you stand there, you can see the final sector, the chicane after the swimming pool,” Ricciardo recounts. “I remember standing there with Christian [Horner], I think during qualifying. He asked me if I missed it, and I told him I was jealous of the guys.”

“The feeling of driving here and having the opportunity to push a car to its limits is scary, beautiful, crazy, and intense. It’s one of the greatest experiences in life. It’s hard to match that feeling. And I’m really excited to have that opportunity again. It’s the coolest thing.”

He explains that drivers who feel comfortable with their car have an advantage in Monaco: “The circuit certainly rewards a bit of bravery. The driver can make the difference here, yes, if you’re connected with your car, it allows you to make a difference.”

“So it’s a race where it feels like the settings don’t matter as much, but they can matter even more because if you’re comfortable with the setup, it allows you to drive like you’re not in your own skin. So yes, it’s something like that, but you can see it.”

“If you qualify badly, the weekend is over.”

Ricciardo has capitalized on good starting positions to win in the Principality and has had difficult weekends due to poor qualifying. He knows that this is the moment that determines the final result.

“I’ve had those great years here with Red Bull and the year with Renault, I’ve had good qualifying here, but the qualifying with McLaren wasn’t good. So yes, the highs are high and the lows are low because you know if you qualify badly, the weekend is practically over.”

“You can’t be too optimistic on a circuit that doesn’t really allow for overtaking. That’s why qualifying gives such a strong feeling here, and when you nail a lap, it’s just an incredible sensation, it’s fantastic. It’s pure joy.”

“You know, even Max [Verstappen] last year when he crossed the line after hitting the wall three times in that final sector and took pole, in his mind, he thinks no one else was willing to hit the wall three times, and he deserved that.”

Ricciardo wants to enjoy the weekend above all, and he hopes to quickly find good sensations: “I’m approaching this weekend with a real sense of happiness, confidence, and possibility. There’s no reward tomorrow, so tomorrow I’ll just go with the excitement of driving this circuit again.”

“And not in a casual way, but just with the feeling of being happy to be back here. And I’m sure after a few laps, I’ll feel I can push. Then I’ll see the confidence build, and the possibility of a great lap on Saturday will present itself.”

Daniel Ricciardo’s Painful Monaco Absence. Daniel Ricciardo’s Painful Monaco Absence. f1 2024 Daniel Ricciardo’s Painful Monaco Absence

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