Bottas Vows F1 Commitment for 2025

Bottas Vows F1 Commitment for 2025


Amidst China’s Grand Prix anticipation, Valtteri Bottas asserts his F1 future while eyeing points. With discussions stirring, he remains resolute, lacking alternatives but brimming with determination.

Valtteri Bottas will be one of the most watched drivers by the audience at this weekend’s Chinese Grand Prix, but that’s because he is the teammate of local favorite, Guanyu Zhou. The Stake F1 drivers even visited Shanghai yesterday.

“It’s good to be back. My teammate and I have been busy, but it’s good, there’s support and the track is nice, I’m looking forward to it,” Bottas stated. “We visited the city, he tried to show me the skyscrapers but it was raining, so I didn’t see much! But he’s been a good tour guide, and it was nice to see Shanghai through his perspective of the city.”

“We’ve improved the pace, it’s been two races we should have scored points if everything had gone well. We can fight for points, not many points unfortunately for now, considering the top 5 teams, but I hope we can do it this weekend.”

The Finn also explained that the team would certainly have fixed the pit stop issues “by Imola. It’s a tough situation and we shouldn’t be in this, but we are and now we have to fix it.”

“There are other changes for this weekend, but it’s not 100% resolved yet, so we know it’s not yet our strength. We know it’s not yet our strength, in fact, it’s our weakness, but we’re trying. Hopefully things will go well now.”

When asked about his place in the transfer market, Bottas expects things to start moving quickly, and he rules out not staying in Formula 1 next year: “I think things will start to move soon in the market.”

“The first piece was Fernando and I think things will start to happen next week. We’re working on it, discussions have started here and there. I’m staying, that’s for sure, I have no other option and I have a lot to give in this sport.”

Bottas Vows F1 Commitment for 2025

Bottas Vows F1 Commitment for 2025. Bottas Vows F1 Commitment for 2025

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