Berger's Support Boosts Ricciardo at RB F1

Berger’s Support Boosts Ricciardo at RB F1


With Gerhard Berger’s backing, Daniel Ricciardo secured a crucial chassis swap, rejuvenating his F1 season.

Daniel Ricciardo faced a challenging start to the season before turning things around when RB F1 provided him with a new chassis. Peter Bayer, the CEO, credits Gerhard Berger with reassuring the team that this could work.

Berger's Support Boosts Ricciardo at RB F1

Ricciardo, dating Berger’s daughter Heidi, benefitted as the former driver convinced Bayer to agree to Ricciardo’s request for a new chassis, which has so far proven effective.

“The new chassis may have made a slight mental difference,” Bayer said. “I spoke with Gerhard Berger on the phone, and he confirmed he had experienced similar situations. By changing the chassis, we gave Daniel more comfort and confidence, and it has paid off.”

The Austrian circle wanted to support Ricciardo, and Alex Wurz, whom Berger mentored in the late ’90s, also provided reassurance: “I think the Daniel we knew before is starting to return.”

Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s advisor, explained his role in supporting the Australian driver: “We have worked intensively on the settings to tailor the car to his needs. Daniel has a unique driving style, and now he can finally drive as he wishes and as we are accustomed to seeing him.”

After qualifying, Ricciardo mentioned he was “happy to make Laurent happy,” referring to Laurent Mekies, his director at RB F1. The Frenchman was pleased to see his drivers perform well.

“We have already made good progress, but there will be more later in the season. I think Daniel and Yuki [Tsunoda] are now at a very good level and will continue to push each other this year,” Mekies stated.

Berger's Support Boosts Ricciardo at RB F1

Berger’s Support Boosts Ricciardo at RB F1. Berger’s Support Boosts Ricciardo at RB F1

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