Ben Sulayem Stands Firm Amid F1 Legal Challenges

Ben Sulayem Faces Power Struggle Amid Wolff Lawsuit


Amidst legal challenges and F1 discord, Ben Sulayem stands firm, asserting his unjust public conviction and mysterious adversaries.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem is navigating an evident and growing power struggle, denying the need for the support of Formula 1 teams.

It is well-known that Susie, the wife of Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the FIA president following comments made by Ben Sulayem.

He has also been accused of attempting to block Liberty Media’s new Las Vegas Grand Prix last year and of interfering in the decisions of the sports commissioners during the 2023 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

In response, the FIA has released multiple letters of support from automobile clubs and other members of the Paris-based governing body in recent days and weeks.

“I am proud of the work accomplished. I am overwhelmed by the support from FIA members. People need to understand that it was the members who put me where I am,” he explained in an interview with AFP.

“I see things with great humility. It is not the media or the Formula 1 teams that are behind this. I respect them, but I was not elected to be concerned with their opinion or anyone’s opinion about me. I care about what was promised in my program. They elected me on that basis. I wish the accusations against me were just accusations, but I have been condemned by the court of public opinion. I have nothing to hide.”

It is telling that the main accusations against the former Middle Eastern rally driver, aged 62, come from the F1 community.

But Ben Sulayem revealed, “They neither had the courage nor the guts to come see me. Honestly, I can stand tall, look you in the eye, and tell you that I am a sportsman and that I respect the rules. There are rules, I respect them. If I didn’t, would I be here today? Never. I know who is behind all this, but I can’t say.”

He denied being at war not only with the F1 teams but also with the holder of the sport’s commercial rights, Formula One Management, owned by Liberty Media.

“My relationships are very good. FOM is our partner, I have no issues. I just want to continue doing business with them.”

However, Ben Sulayem insists that he tries to stay out of the parallel power struggle unfolding at Red Bull, with Christian Horner at the center.

“I sympathize with all the stakeholders involved in this matter. But we are outsiders to all this. We cannot pour oil on the fire. I trust the investigation that was conducted, the other party has the right to appeal, but does it concern the FIA? I don’t think so.”

Ben Sulayem Stands Firm Amid F1 Legal Challenges

Ben Sulayem Stands Firm Amid F1 Legal Challenges. Ben Sulayem Stands Firm Amid F1 Legal Challenges

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