Back-to-Back F1 Sprints Stir Debate Among Drivers on Impact

F1 Drivers Voice Concerns Over Back-to-Back F1 Sprint Races


Drivers express concerns over consecutive Formula 1 Sprints, highlighting the intense schedule’s impact. The first two of the season’s six sprints challenge teams with back-to-back races.

Formula 1 hosts six Sprints a year, usually spread evenly across a 24-race calendar, but the first two sprints of the year are back-to-back.

Drivers were asked about this sequence of Shanghai-Miami Sprints.

Is it positive or negative for them and their teams?

“As I’ve said before in China, I think it puts a lot of workload on our mechanics,” said Sergio Perez.

“With the current format as it is, I’ve definitely seen fatigue in my guys already and it’s certainly a lot of work to be able to switch the car right after the Sprint event, before qualifying, in terms of settings. It takes a lot of work. I really wish we could review the format and take care of our staff in our sport.”

For Oscar Piastri, “having two in a row doesn’t really make a difference to me. For me, it’s substantially the same. You approach the weekend in the same way. So yes, for me, it’s not a big difference whether they are back-to-back or not. I think some circuits are better than others for sprints. Having two in a row makes no difference for a driver but Sergio has a point about the mechanics. It’s hard for them.”

Valtteri Bottas echoes the Australian: “No, it makes no difference when they are consecutive. Ultimately, it’s six times a year anyway. It makes no difference if they are in a row, there will be fewer later on.”

Among the detractors of the Sprint formats, there is always Logan Sargeant.

“I would simply prefer 24 normal weekends. Stick to that.”

Lance Stroll continues: “Two-day events would be nice, because we now have so many race weekends. So many Thursdays. For the Free Practice we could have a total of three hours on Saturday morning, then qualifying Saturday afternoon and the race on Sunday.”

Lewis Hamilton concludes: “I agree with Lance’s proposal!”

Back-to-Back F1 Sprints Stir Debate Among Drivers on Impact

Back-to-Back F1 Sprints Stir Debate Among Drivers on Impact. Back-to-Back F1 Sprints Stir Debate Among Drivers on Impact

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