Audi F1 Dismisses Newey Rumors, Seidl Clarifies

Audi F1 Dismisses Newey Rumors, Seidl Clarifies


Audi F1 is not pursuing star designer Adrian Newey, opting instead for a broader team approach.

Stake F1, Andreas Seidl is methodically building the Audi F1 project step by step. The clear goal: to make this upcoming factory team, which has now taken control of Sauber, competitive by 2026.

One man, currently available on the transfer market, could expedite this process: Adrian Newey.

Former Red Bull Technical Director Rumored to Head to Ferrari, But What About Audi?

Rumors swirl around the former Red Bull technical director heading to Ferrari, yet Audi, with deep pockets, could make a significant move by hiring Adrian Newey. However, when questioned by FOM, Seidl deflected: Newey does not seem to be a realistic option.

“It is certain that every team in the paddock should be interested in acquiring an icon like Adrian Newey, given all he has achieved in the past,” Seidl stated.

“What is important for us is to build a strong team with a solid ethic and team spirit, ready to embark on this journey together, to face the challenges ahead. A team that is unique and attracts many people.”

“Our recruitment campaign is not focused on names but on finding the right people for the right positions, who will help us increase our competitiveness and move forward.”

“Audi’s entry into F1 is a one-time event. People can help shape this project, knowing that Audi will go all-in. Knowing that everything needed to compete at the front in F1 will be available in the team – this approach helps us bring people on board, not just from F1, but also from other motorsport categories, different industries, and academia, because it’s important not to focus solely on F1 personnel.”

“I also want people from outside F1 to commit, to ensure workforce diversity. You want the basic principles to be respected, but you also want people who think outside the box to create an advantage at some point compared to the F1 establishment.”

Driver Market: Seidl Prefers to Give It Time…

Audi is thus looking for a group of people rather than just one big name…

This approach also seems to apply in the driver transfer market. Audi has opted for efficiency by hiring Nico Hülkenberg and is trying to attract Carlos Sainz…

Why hire Hülkenberg so early, when the transfer market could hold huge surprises this year?

“It’s his consistently convincing speed.”

“It’s certain that Nico, with all his experience and personality, brings a lot to us as the future Audi factory team—on the track and off.”

“And he will be a very important part in the transformation we are undergoing as a team, but ultimately, what matters is his speed. It’s simply impressive to see how he manages to qualify and race every race weekend. That’s why we wanted to recruit him, and we had no reason to wait any longer.”

Regarding Drivers Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou, Should They Be Preparing Their Unemployment Claims Already?

“We are in discussions with Valtteri [Bottas] and Zhou [Guanyu], and we continue to monitor their performances.”

“At the same time, we are exploring the market to have all options ready when we decide to make a decision later in the year.”

Audi reportedly gave Carlos Sainz an ultimatum: two weeks to make a decision. However, the deadline has passed and according to Seidl, the sands will run slowly before the market moves…

“The driver market is difficult to predict at the moment. With Nico secured, there is no particular urgency to settle the second seat. We prefer to monitor the performances of our drivers and others we are looking at, and then make the best decision.”

“This means that we will have everything necessary to fight in the battle to be the best in the sport in the future. We can approach this issue with confidence, but it is now up to us to use the support, commitment, and resources of Audi to achieve it.”

Audi F1 Dismisses Newey Rumors, Seidl Clarifies

Audi F1 Dismisses Newey Rumors, Seidl Clarifies Audi F1 Dismisses Newey Rumors, Seidl Clarifies

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