Aston Martin F1's Strategic Edge Aramco Fuel Advantage

Aston Martin F1’s Strategic Edge: Aramco Fuel Advantage


In 2026, Aston Martin F1, Honda, and Alonso secure a vital edge with Aramco’s expertise in synthetic fuel, shaping the future of Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso has extended his existing contract with Aston Martin F1, which could prove to be a strategic masterstroke.

When the two-time Formula 1 world champion explained his reasons for staying with Aston Martin not only in 2025 but also in 2026, he repeatedly mentioned Honda and Aramco.

There won’t be any fundamental changes in Formula 1 regulations for 2025, but for 2026, the rules will be radically different, with Honda transitioning from Red Bull to Aston Martin F1 for its official return.

However, the Silverstone-based team’s trump card could be its title sponsor, Aramco, the Saudi Arabian state oil company, which also supplies fuel to Aston Martin.

Starting from 2026, power units will have to operate with 100% synthetic fuel. This makes the expertise of oil partners more crucial than ever.

As the electrical elements of power units will significantly increase in power for 2026 (up to 50% of the total power), the thermal engine will sometimes act as a generator to recharge the batteries.

At the same time, the 2026 rules will further reduce the amount of fuel cars can carry. This means that the quality of fuel used will become increasingly important.

Fuel development in laboratories and on test benches is already in full swing. Several experts expect Aramco to enter the new era with a head start. The Arabian oil company has already supported the FIA’s own research by providing fuel samples during the drafting of the new regulations.

Aramco also supplies the synthetic fuels already used in Formula 2 and Formula 3. The state-owned company is investing huge sums in the project.

Development and production facilities have already been established in Saudi Arabia and Spain to play a pioneering role in synthetic fuels.

F1 technical director, Pat Symonds, said, “We want to create competition among fuel suppliers.”

“But we don’t want anyone to completely dominate simply because they have better fuel.”

So, the margins are expected to be quite narrow, but this is indeed a significant advantage for Honda, Aston Martin F1, and Alonso.

Aston Martin F1’s Strategic Edge: Aramco Fuel Advantage. Aston Martin F1’s Strategic Edge: Aramco Fuel Advantage

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