Aston Martin F1's Melbourne Success 12 Points

Aston Martin F1’s Melbourne Success: 12 Points


Aston Martin F1 celebrated a commendable performance at the Melbourne Grand Prix, securing 12 points. Team Principal Mike Krack lauded Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso for their skillful driving and strategic prowess.

Aston Martin F1 scored 12 points at Melbourne thanks to Lance Stroll’s sixth place finish and Fernando Alonso’s eighth. Mike Krack, their team principal, praised them for this strong overall result at the Australian Grand Prix.

“A solid race at Albert Park this Sunday saw us adding 12 points to our championship tally,” Krack stated. “All credit goes to both drivers, who translated our grid positions into points, employing two very different tyre strategies.”

Krack expressed surprise over Alonso being penalized, but hinted that the data implicated the Spaniard, given that the Silverstone-based team did not appeal the decision.

“Lance drove well all weekend and maintained his form to the chequered flag. Fernando’s race benefited from the virtual safety car – but it was unexpected to see him drop to eighth place with the post-race penalty. We must accept the decision.”

“This will not detract from the team’s focus following a positive final day in Australia. The decisions from the pit wall were spot on and operationally, the entire team was excellent.”

Aston Martin F1’s Melbourne Success: 12 Points. Aston Martin F1’s Melbourne Success: 12 Points


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