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Aston Martin F1 Eyes Progress with AMR24 Updates


Aston Martin F1’s Mike Krack expresses optimism for the AMR24’s development, aiming for improved performance in Saudi Arabia with Fernando Alonso.

Mike Krack, Aston Martin F1’s team principal, is optimistic about his team’s ability to successfully develop the AMR24, their new car. He believes that the latest updates arriving this weekend in Saudi Arabia could assist Fernando Alonso in achieving another impressive qualifying result for the team.

“We’re seeing encouraging development. This makes me confident,” Krack stated. “For Jeddah, we have a few minor developments to enhance the car. We hope to close the gap further. Then, we’ll see if Fernando can replicate his performance from Friday, which would further our progress.”

The Luxembourger is tempering expectations for Aston Martin’s results, focusing instead on performance: “We must remember we’re often judged against last year’s podiums. But that was more about positioning than pace.”

“We’ve had issues with the red cars, and we’ve also benefited from certain circumstances. But if we’re truly objective and assess our performance, it wasn’t very good at that time. The result was there, but we were still far behind.”

Krack reminded that the team’s goal for the early season has been achieved, albeit narrowly with ninth and tenth places, but achieved nonetheless: “From the start, the goal was to score points with both cars. We said that was really the objective.”

“And we’ve achieved it. So, the mission is accomplished, but we’d obviously like more points. It’s a bit early. We’ve really tried to find the right balance between short and long runs, over the three days. But I think it’s a very good baseline.”

Aston Martin F1 AMR24 Updates. Aston Martin F1 AMR24 Updates


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