Aston Martin F1 Ambition Top 3 in Upcoming Season

Aston Martin F1 Aims for Top 3 in Upcoming Season


Lawrence Stroll targets a top-three finish for Aston Martin F1, seeking to outdo last season’s achievements and challenge leading teams.

The chairman of Aston Martin wants the F1 team to continue its ascent towards the top teams, thereby joining the fray against, presumably, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, and Red Bull for the top four spots.

The team secured eight podiums in 2023, marking its best result under the Aston Martin name. Stroll expresses his expectation for the team to “do better than that” in 2024.

“We would like to move from fifth to fourth, or even third place, whatever the case may be,” Stroll stated. “But the goal is just to keep progressing.”

“We are a young team. We have just moved into a new facility. Our wind tunnel, which will be ready in September of this year, remains a significant gap in our current resources. We are the last team to operate without its own wind tunnel.”

“By 2026, we will have Honda power units. So, we are on our way to winning. But until then, it’s a progression that I want to see every year.”

Aston Martin F1 Ambition Top 3 in Upcoming Season. Aston Martin F1 Ambition Top 3 in Upcoming Season


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