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“Everyone Can Be Caught Up”: Aston’s F1 Charge


Aston Martin F1 remains determined to bridge the gap with leading teams, as Tom McCullough expresses optimism despite early setbacks this season.

The green machines remains hopeful of catching up with the four teams ahead. Performance Director Tom McCullough is optimistic about making up ground on their rivals in the coming months, despite a disappointing start to the season.

“I believe everyone can be caught up with. If you look at the development we saw at McLaren last season, it was truly impressive,” McCullough stated.

“Granted, it was from a poor base, but even from there, it was very impressive. That’s what we focused on over the winter, to create a good development platform. We don’t want to stand still, nobody stands still.”

Aston Martin is developing to continue progressing: “We tried to give ourselves this platform and freedom to continue developing. We don’t want to stand still, nobody stands still. Red Bull doesn’t have our wind tunnel development time.”

“Obviously, they’re a very significant and well-oiled team. There are a lot of people who have been in a strong position for a long time. We are still growing, learning to work together, with a new factory, new facilities, a working new wind tunnel, a new simulator.”

“There’s so much going on, but we always want to fully develop this car. I would be disappointed if we hadn’t made progress over the year to be closer than we are now. I think we’re on the right track at this stage.”

The Silverstone-based team already has a plan to climb back up, as explained by Team Principal Mike Krack: “We’ve already brought parts to Jeddah that have allowed the car to make a significant step forward. We never use the same specifications from one race to another, that’s very rare.”

“And right now, we’re at a stage where we can develop well with our development tools. So it’s about getting these parts to the track as quickly as possible, and we hope that the car will continue to improve.”

Aston Martin Close Gap Red Bull. Aston Martin Close Gap Red Bull


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