Antonelli Faces Immense Pressure Amid Rising Fame

Antonelli Faces Immense Pressure Amid Rising Fame


Rising star Antonelli confronts the intense scrutiny and expectations as his career advances.

Andrea Kimi Antonelli is set to undergo another test with Mercedes F1 next week, where he will be measured against Mick Schumacher. Auto Motor und Sport reports that both drivers will be at Silverstone next week, with the presence of the German intended to better assess the intrinsic level of the young Italian prodigy.

Bruno Michel, the CEO of F2 and F3, is not surprised that Antonelli is under significant pressure. The young driver is one of the most closely watched talents and may soon make his way to F1, which represents a substantial amount of pressure for a young driver to manage.

“It’s good on one hand, and it adds extra pressure on the other, but I think it’s also part of his learning process,” Bruno Michel remarked. “Sometimes he probably hopes to be forgotten, but that’s not the case, so it’s part of the game and he has to deal with it. And if he manages it, it’s certainly a great asset for his future.”

The F2 itself benefits from the popularity of the young Italian, as explained by its CEO, because the rumors surrounding him generate discussion about the championship, and remind people of the talent pool it can be.

“It’s always good to have drivers coming into F2 and F3 who are the subject of great hype, and people take an interest in them and place a lot of hope in them. I think it’s important and it’s clear that Kimi Antonelli is talented, there’s no doubt about that.”

However, Michel advises Antonelli’s circle to give him time and to avoid pressure when possible: “After that, I think it’s also important to let the driver develop himself without adding any additional external pressure.”

“But we know that’s very theoretical because ultimately, we’re in a sport that is greatly magnified, and even though we are not in Formula 1, it’s always very important. So yes, Kimi has to face this.”

Antonelli Faces Immense Pressure Amid Rising Fame

Antonelli Faces Immense Pressure Amid Rising Fame. Antonelli Faces Immense Pressure Amid Rising Fame

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