Andretti Snubbed Buy Existing Team

F1 Chiefs Block Andretti: Buy a Team!


F1 team bosses suggest Andretti should purchase an existing team to join the grid, highlighting financial stability concerns.

The situation regarding Andretti’s potential entry into F1 is becoming increasingly contentious.

Recently, Mario Andretti stirred the pot by claiming that Greg Maffei personally opposed Andretti’s F1 entry.

Simultaneously, Congress is raising concerns about the FOM, accusing it of violating antitrust laws by denying Andretti entry.

Despite this, the American team is taking all necessary steps to join F1: building a factory in Silverstone, securing General Motors-Cadillac as an engine partner, and hiring Pat Symonds as a technical consultant.

However, the teams, concerned about a roughly 10% reduction in revenue, continue to block Andretti’s entry, aligning themselves with the FOM.

What do team bosses think today? Why not welcome Andretti-Cadillac?

Christian Horner, head of the Milton Keynes team, takes a cautious stance: yes to Andretti, but only if Cadillac develops its own power unit. And only if Andretti buys an existing team like Audi with Sauber. That’s a lot of ‘ifs’…

“Andretti Has a Great Racing Legacy. Mario is a Legend of the Sport, and of course, Cadillac is a Major American Automaker.”

“I believe that Formula 1 has stated that if they come with their own engine in 2028, they would obviously review the application.”

“If Andretti wanted to join, similar to how Audi acquired Sauber in F1, that would be preferable. To protect the current franchises and the stability we have in the sport, their best route to achieve their goal is to acquire one of the existing teams.”

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, representing the Stake F1 team, also takes a polite jab at Andretti: they should buy an existing team!

“I completely agree with Christian. Audi is showing the right way to enter Formula 1. Of course, Cadillac is a significant player, which makes this a potentially good project. But there is a way, and that is to buy an existing team. I think the process set by Formula 1 is clear. This is a very solid project, so they know what path to take.”

Bruno Famin, now unable to power Andretti with Renault, aligns with his colleagues: the praise for Andretti ends with a skeptical comment…

“Yes, we are all on the same page. Andretti and Cadillac are big names, but we must be careful not to dilute and must preserve the value of the championship and the teams. There are two ways to go: either they buy a team or bring enough value to the championship to make up for it. But I think it’s the same story from the very beginning.”

Congress Investigation Doesn’t Worry Horner

Doesn’t the US Congress investigation, however, worry the F1 teams? Is there not more to lose than to gain?

Peter Bayer, from RB F1, isn’t particularly concerned…

“No, Not Really, Because There Are Very Clear Procedures.”

“The FIA conducted a technical analysis. Formula 1 then assessed the commercial potential, and that’s the environment we are currently in. The sport has done a lot to reach the United States. We have three races in the US and two American sponsors. So, I think the sport is opening up to the US, but this has nothing to do with what we’ve just heard.”

Christian Horner also tries to reassure the American legislators: F1 has nothing against Uncle Sam, quite the opposite!

“Look, we are owned by the United States. We have five Fortune 500 companies on our car. This has nothing to do with Andretti being American or anything else. I think it’s purely related to Formula 1’s business model. Not too long ago, there were always two teams at the back of the grid that needed bailing out or were technically insolvent. We have finally reached a point where Formula 1 is very strong and healthy. Liberty should be congratulated for this because they have created a model where even the worst team in Formula 1 is valued at a billion dollars – and you know that Liberty Media created this model.”

“The approach they have taken in opening the sport and bringing in new audiences and fans must be praised. I was surprised to see that Andretti followed this process, but I hope that if they really want to find a way to get on the grid, they will find it. However, I think the most natural solution is for them to acquire an existing franchise if any are willing to sell.”

Andretti Snubbed: Buy Existing Team!

Andretti Snubbed: Buy Existing Team!. Andretti Snubbed: Buy Existing Team!

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