Andretti F1 Bid Congress

Andretti Rejection: F1 Team Bosses support the FOM’s decision


U.S. Congress investigates Andretti’s F1 bid rejection for potential antitrust law violations.

The rejection of Andretti Global’s Formula 1 bid will be scrutinized by the U.S. Congress, as it may violate antitrust laws overseas. When questioned, team bosses emphasized that the final decision was not theirs to make, although it is known that the teams pressured against Andretti’s acceptance.

“I saw it. I didn’t follow it very closely. I think we were all on planes coming here while that was happening,” stated Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren F1.

“I believe Formula 1 and the FIA have taken their positions and seem unwilling to change. So, I think we will have to wait and see. And as all the teams have said, we don’t have a vote in this matter.”

James Vowles, Williams’ director, defends the FOM but reminds that the teams are not bound by this decision: “I’m not very familiar with the American judicial system. What I can say is that the FIA and the FOM followed due process. And as Zak mentioned, we don’t have a say in all this.”

Mike Krack, the head of Aston Martin F1, confirms that he also has only an external view of the situation: “Yes, exactly as James and Zak said, we are really just passengers in this matter. We also read the news and what is said on the Internet, including stories about Newey, so I can’t really add anything.”

Laurent Mekies, who leads RB F1, aligns with his counterparts: “The same thing. You know, what matters is that there’s a solid process in place with the FIA, with F1. We trust them. They have all the information to make the right decision. That’s why we just carefully watch what they decide.”

Andretti F1 Bid Congress

Andretti F1 Bid Congress. Andretti F1 Bid Congress

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