Alunni Bravi Vows to Resolve Sauber's Issues

Alunni Bravi: Vows to Resolve Sauber’s Issues


At the Australian Grand Prix, Kick Sauber faced persistent wheel nut issues, derailing their race. Team representative, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, voiced apologies and a commitment to resolving these recurring problems.

Kick Sauber, the name Stake F1 operated under this weekend at the Australian Grand Prix, endured another nightmare Sunday in Melbourne, once again plagued by extensive delays due to wheel nut issues. Alessandro Alunni Bravi, the team representative, lamented the recurrence of these problems.

“First and foremost, we owe an apology to our drivers, especially Valtteri, who in the first part of the race demonstrated he could compete with the top ten and was clearly fighting for a points finish, thanks to a strong start and pace,” admitted Alunni Bravi.

“As we mentioned before the race, we implemented mitigating measures for our pit stop issue, which improved the situation but, as seen, didn’t fully resolve the problem: what happened to Valtteri was a slightly different issue, yet related to the incidents in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia.”

“We paid a very high price for this as it completely ruined Valtteri’s race. We clearly lost a significant opportunity to score points, as he would have been around Tsunoda’s level by the race end.”

“Guanyu, starting from the pit lane, faced a different issue as we noticed gearbox problems throughout the race: when he came into the pits, he couldn’t select first gear, before the car eventually stalled. This wasn’t the driver’s fault but yet another frustrating circumstance that impacted our race.”

“We must take responsibility”

According to Alunni Bravi, the team had the potential to score points if not for the issues that affected both drivers: “As a team, we must take responsibility when these things occur: it’s the only way to improve.”

“It’s incredibly tough not to score points when we had the potential, as we saw we had the performance to be ahead of Haas, RB F1, and our other direct competitors.”

“We need to continue working hard, even harder to solve these problems. We’ll conduct an in-depth debrief with our drivers and team in Hinwil and trackside, and together we’ll do everything we can to come back stronger in the next race.”

Alunni Bravi: Vows to Resolve Sauber’s Issues. Alunni Bravi: Vows to Resolve Sauber’s Issues


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