Alpine F1 Miami race

Alpine F1 Clinches Vital Point in Challenging Race


Alpine F1’s challenging Miami race yields a crucial point, uplifting the team amid difficulties.

Esteban Ocon scored a point in Miami, finally opening Alpine F1’s account for the 2024 season. The French driver explained that he had fought hard to earn this point, after battling with Fernando Alonso and Nico Hülkenberg.

“The entire race was a battle from start to finish. The intensity level was at 110%. And after a tough qualifying yesterday, and a race that was also not simple, I’m really happy for the team,” Ocon stated.

“We are gradually making progress, we lack performance because we can’t keep up with the cars around us, but we managed to get this point. We shouldn’t be satisfied with this, we need to continue pushing, but it feels good to get a small reward.”

Asked about the slight contact with Pierre Gasly at the start, Ocon moderated: “It was 110% the entire race, with everyone, not just Pierre. With Fernando, it was intense from the start, we were close to touching in the 11-12 complex, with Pierre as well, but it all ended well and we scored that point, which is what matters.”

Pierre Gasly lamented a start that caused him to lose positions, even though his pace was good: “It was intense, I didn’t have room in turns 2 and 3, and I lost a lot of positions. I managed to come back and overtake three cars, and I passed Esteban, it was a bit heated.”

“We had agreed that the leading car would pit early and the following car would stay out to take advantage of a Safety Car, and that’s what happened. At least we maximized points for the team but personally, I’m a bit disgusted, the VSC ruined our race.”

“But the important thing is that the team scored a point, which will do a lot of good for everyone. We did the best we could on my side, it was just frustrating not to leave with a few points.”

Alpine F1 Miami race

Alpine F1 Miami race. Alpine F1 Miami race

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