Alonso Weighs F1 Future Amid Verstappen Saga

Alonso Weighs F1 Future Amid Verstappen Saga


Fernando Alonso deliberates on continuing in Formula 1, influenced by Max Verstappen’s potential exit from Red Bull.

Fernando Alonso explained that the potential departure of Max Verstappen from Red Bull could have an “impact” on his upcoming decision, whether to continue in F1 or to retire.

However, the two-time world champion admitted he saw “no chance” of the Dutchman switching teams.

Verstappen’s future has been questioned in recent weeks amidst internal turmoil at Red Bull.

Alonso has set a deadline “before the summer” to decide on his F1 future and whether he wishes to continue racing at the pinnacle of single-seater motorsport for an additional year.

Although he has hinted at retirement this season, Alonso has also been linked with teams like Mercedes F1 for 2025 to replace Lewis Hamilton, who has signed with Ferrari.

“Of course, if Max leaves Red Bull, it might impact my decision,” he admits, indicating his logical interest in that seat.

“But I think there’s no chance of that happening.”

“So it’s not something I’m giving much thought to. What I want to do is just focus on my own business and this race before trying to make a decision if I continue racing, and if I do continue, where the best opportunity would be.”

“This incoming stress… I’m aware of the rumors and such. We’re not too concerned about it; I certainly don’t like it, that’s for sure.”

When asked why he thought Verstappen would not leave Red Bull, Alonso added: “I don’t know. It’s just my feeling.”

Alonso Weighs F1 Future Amid Verstappen Saga. Alonso Weighs F1 Future Amid Verstappen Saga


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