Alonso lashes out at Hamilton and the FIA

Alonso Accuses Hamilton, FIA of Bias in Racing


Fernando Alonso criticizes both Lewis Hamilton and FIA for unfair racing practices after a contentious sprint.

Fernando Alonso was already reluctant to participate in another Sprint after his outburst in China.

But the start incident in Miami added fuel to the fire, and once again he was furious with the FIA stewards. He reiterated his usual complaint: Hamilton doesn’t get penalized because he’s not Spanish!

“We’ll see what they decide. I assume they will decide nothing, because he is not Spanish. But I think he ruined the race for a few people, especially Lando Norris, who had a very fast car and was taken out in this incident.”

“Maybe today I wasn’t penalized, but I am always penalized. Today, it’s the same thing. I was behind Ocon, I could maybe take a risk and pass him, but logically I don’t take risks to avoid being penalized.”

“So I tried to finish the race, which is 19 laps, and then go back to the team to discuss changes.”

“We had no interest in the sprint race. We were just checking tire degradation and everything else for tomorrow and in the end, we managed it. For us, it’s free practice, it’s not really a race.”

“Now, the important part of the weekend starts, the qualifications and tomorrow’s 57 laps. I think we can draw a conclusion from this sprint for the parc fermé that is now reopening and see if we can improve the car a bit.”

Lance Stroll was equally vocal at the finish about the incident with his teammate.

“That ended my race, there was a lot of damage on the car.”

Alonso lashes out at Hamilton and the FIA

Alonso lashes out at Hamilton and the FIA. Alonso lashes out at Hamilton and the FIA

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