Alonso FIA Probe Confidence

Alonso Unperturbed by Ongoing FIA Investigation


Amidst an ongoing FIA probe, Fernando Alonso displays remarkable composure, trusting in the evidence previously submitted by his team, showcasing his confidence in the investigative process.

Fernando Alonso is directly implicated in one of the investigations regarding the FIA president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

A whistleblower has claimed that Ben Sulayem intervened to cancel a 10-second penalty that would have cost the Aston Martin F1 driver a podium last year at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The FIA has confirmed that the ethics committee has been approached regarding various allegations, without naming its president.

F1 returns this weekend to Jeddah, and Alonso, in the paddock, was questioned about this investigation. He believes Aston Martin F1 had provided the necessary evidence to win their appeal anyway.

“There is too much off-track discussion because the on-track action is not very exciting at the moment.”

Team Dominates F1 Era

“There is one team that has won the last 72 Grands Prix, and has more or less dominated for three years, so when this happens in the sport, there is always a lot of off-track chatter.”

“As far as we are concerned, it’s not an issue for us but rather a FIA investigation that we must respect and wait for the outcome.”

“We are satisfied with all the evidence we presented last year for our appeal, so it was a pretty clear resolution for us.”

“Let’s see what the FIA says about its own investigation, but it really isn’t up to us.”

The whistleblower also claimed that Ben Sulayem had tried to prevent the Las Vegas circuit from obtaining the necessary FIA certification before the inaugural race.

Asked to comment on this second investigation as well, Alonso said: “It’s very hard to comment because it seems like another rumor comes out every day.”

“It’s their own business and their own investigation, we respect it, follow it, and wait for the outcome.”

“It’s difficult to comment from the outside.”

Alonso FIA Probe Confidence. Alonso FIA Probe Confidence


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