Alonso Confident in Aston Martin and Honda for 2026

Alonso explains why he trusts Aston Martin F1 and Honda


Fernando Alonso expresses strong confidence in Aston Martin F1 and Honda’s potential for a powerful alliance in 2026.

While the extension seems logical, its timing was surprising given that the driver market suggested other potential opportunities.

The exact duration of his new commitment is unknown, but it is a multi-year agreement covering at least 2025 and 2026.

What motivated Alonso to sign again with his team and extend his F1 career?

“This is probably my last contract, so I had to make sure it was the right decision. It was a decision for me, and I am very proud to represent Aston Martin in the coming years.”

“I think the new regulations in 2026 will give everyone a chance to reshuffle the deck. Obviously, we will be with Honda. We will be the only team with the Honda power unit, which is clearly different from being a customer at Mercedes. So, I hope we will see some improvement there.”

Are there signs that Honda will remain ahead in 2026?

“Well, they are winning the championship now, showing they have the discipline and work needed to succeed in Formula 1. Obviously, with new regulations, no one knows what might happen in 2026. But yes, we are optimistic. I am extremely happy to work with Honda and to be in a factory team, I think it makes a huge difference compared to what we currently have, it’s a plus, and it’s one of the reasons why I am staying with the new regulations and looking forward to working with Honda again.”

He also confirmed that Aramco’s leadership in next-generation fuels played a role in his decision (read more here).

“Yes, with Aramco, biofuels, and the sustainability coming in 2026, we might have a small opportunity there too. And the team is only getting better. New facilities, a new campus, a new wind tunnel arriving this summer. So, yes, there are things in place to be a very powerful team in the future, and I wanted to be part of that.”

The fact that the two-time world champion decided to clarify his future after only four Grands Prix in 2024 was not necessarily important to him, in his own words.

“After Japan, we sat down together. An agreement was reached in one or two days. So it was very, very simple.”

“Everything is a bit simpler than it seems from the outside. There are a lot of rumors, a lot of things happening with different teams and different drivers, and deadlines here and there. And for us, we were just loyal to each other. We just kept our word, and once we signed and agreed on everything, we announced it. For us, it was much simpler than maybe for other drivers in the days and weeks to come.”

Alonso had been linked to possible transfers to Mercedes and Red Bull for 2025 in the weeks leading up to his renewal.

He once again remained discreet on the subject, admitting only that the discussions he had with other teams never progressed beyond “light conversations.”

“As I said last week, there’s no point in talking too much, because now it’s done and I’m with Aston and I would like to talk only about Aston. There were discussions with everyone. It’s normal for everyone right now, but these were just light conversations.”

Alonso Confident in Aston Martin and Honda for 2026

Alonso Confident in Aston Martin and Honda for 2026. Alonso Confident in Aston Martin and Honda for 2026

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