Alonso Chooses F1 Over Normal Life at Aston

Alonso Chooses F1 Over ‘Normal Life’ at Aston


Fernando Alonso commits to Aston Martin F1 until 2025, embracing his enduring passion and competitiveness in Formula 1 despite advancing age and family sacrifices.

Fernando Alonso has decided to continue racing at the highest level for at least two more years, signing a multi-year contract with Aston Martin F1. The two-time world champion discusses his decision to continue, motivated by his current form.

“Yes, I can never be 100% sure. But I felt that I loved driving too much to stop now,” Alonso stated. “And I think the sacrifices you have to make are less significant than the joy of driving and my passion for it.”

“I breathe Formula 1, I live Formula 1, I train to be fit for driving Formula 1 cars. I eat to be fit for driving Formula 1 cars. The moment I felt I had to change my lifestyle hasn’t come. My lifestyle is excellent, and I love what I do.”

“I wouldn’t be happy staying at home and watching Formula 1 races because at that point, I think I should still be there, because I could do a bit better or I could go faster under certain conditions. That moment hasn’t arrived yet.”

“I won’t be the only one over 40!”

Alonso admits he is frustrated about not spending more time with his family and not having a family of his own. However, his relatives have supported his decision by promising to spend time with him at the tracks.

“My biggest concern, or the downside of driving, is missing my family and not having a normal life or my own family at that time or anything else.”

“But on that note, I said OK, let’s see year by year, month by month, I’ve spoken with my family, they will also come more often to the races, they are all coming to Miami now, my mother, my sister, my two nieces.”

“We have decided and planned to make some changes for the things I miss or the things that maybe worry me about continuing racing so as not to miss these things. I think we have all come to this conclusion.”

The Spaniard is aware that he will be of advanced age at the end of his contract and keeps an eye on his fitness. He is amused because he knows he will not be the only driver in his forties by 2025: “It’s true, I’ll be 45 or older and still racing. If one day, I feel that I’m not motivated, not fit, or not fast.”

“I think I have a very honest relationship with Aston. I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say ‘I might have lost here or there’, and we will find solutions. But I don’t see that happening in the next few years.”

“As I said in Japan, one of my best races probably happened just five days ago, so I feel good. I see no problem. And Lewis will be 40 next January, so at least I won’t be the only one over 40 being talked about!”

Alonso Chooses F1 Over Normal Life at Aston

Alonso Chooses F1 Over ‘Normal Life’ at Aston. Alonso Chooses F1 Over ‘Normal Life’ at Aston

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