Albon 2025 F1 Future

Albon’s 2025 F1 Future: Williams, Mercedes, or Red Bull?


Alex Albon’s fate in Formula 1 by 2025 stirs the paddock. Will he stay, or will top teams beckon him away from Williams?

The Thai driver is frequently mentioned in rumors of possible transfers to top teams such as Mercedes, as a replacement for Lewis Hamilton, or to Red Bull, should they decide to part ways with Sergio Perez.

James Vowles noted at the end of February that Albon is under contract for 2025 but wouldn’t hold back his driver in the face of a significant opportunity.

When asked about his contractual situation for 2025, Albon stated, “Nothing more to add than what James and I have mentioned. It’s something we will handle if and when, let’s put it that way.”

Albon would certainly not like to be held back should a top team call…

“We have to wait and see what happens. Maybe no one will call me. From my side, I’m totally focused on the team – I know it sounds like a generic response, but it’s genuinely the case. Most drivers aren’t in control of these situations; it’s the teams that decide.”

Though under contract with Williams, Albon acknowledged there are other opportunities out there for him.

“I won’t deny it and will say there are opportunities, there’s currently a very fluid driver market. I think it’s exciting, finally some movement. But my focus is on my role, and all my time is dedicated to the team so I can compete as effectively as possible every weekend.”

Albon would not be disappointed if he wasn’t called back by Red Bull or offered a seat at Mercedes F1.

“It’s very true that I love being part of this team, being involved in this team-building process, and the upward progression we are on is very exciting.”

Albon 2025 F1 Future. Albon 2025 F1 Future.


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