Albon 2024 F1 Season More Than Verstappen's Show

Albon: 2024 F1 Season More Than Verstappen’s Show


Alex Albon highlights the 2024 F1 season’s depth beyond Max Verstappen, emphasizing the competitive grid and intense midfield battles.

Alex Albon believes the 2024 Formula 1 season promises excitement and feels it’s reductive to attribute the spectacle solely to Max Verstappen’s dominance. The Williams F1 driver encourages a closer examination of the action in the latter half of the pack.

“It’s somewhat disappointing to hear remarks about Max and a dull season because that’s far from the truth, at least from my perspective,” Albon stated.

“Removing him from the equation reveals one of the most competitive and closely matched grids in Formula 1 history. And even with Max included, it remains the tightest field in the sport.”

“It’s challenging because he’s the frontrunner, drawing everyone’s focus. However, the battle at the back is fiercely intense. In Bahrain, pitting just two laps too late cost us six positions, dropping from 11th to 15th. So, the competition is incredibly tight.”

“Significant Progress” in Wind Management

Albon discusses the challenges wind poses for Williams but is also encouraged by the progress the team has made with their new FW46.

“I’ve always found wind to exacerbate balance issues. If there’s a turn where you’re experiencing understeer or oversteer, the wind only makes it worse.”

“It simply complicates handling, highlighting the car’s flaws. The FW45 struggled significantly. Tailwind conditions were a nightmare, but we’ve made substantial improvements this year.”

“The only conclusion is that everyone has advanced. Thus, the midfield becomes frustrating because while the leading teams have stepped up, the lower midfield teams have made even greater strides, yet all have progressed uniformly.”

Despite Williams’ advancements this winter, Albon and Logan Sargeant find themselves in a similar relative position to other teams: “We’ve improved by six, seven, eight tenths compared to last year. That’s significant progress. Our race pace has improved even more.”

“Yet, looking around, it’s the same competitors vying for the same positions. In Q1, eight tenths to just over a second covered the entire pack. Now, a minor error could cost you two places.”

Albon: 2024 F1 Season More Than Verstappen’s Show. Albon: 2024 F1 Season More Than Verstappen’s Show


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