2021 Russian GP A Crucial Turn for Norris and McLaren

2021 Russian GP: A Crucial Turn for Norris and McLaren


The 2021 Russian Grand Prix marked a pivotal moment for Lando Norris and McLaren, highlighting readiness challenges.

Lando Norris has finally won a Formula 1 race, this weekend in Miami. The McLaren F1 driver achieved this after more than 100 starts and 15 podiums, along with several disappointments. The worst memory in this regard remains the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi in 2021, where he almost won before spinning off due to rain and a botched strategy.

“If you consider what he has achieved in terms of podiums with a car that, at times, was not really a podium car by merit, Lando is, for me, in a very good dynamic,” Stella said, before noting how the 2021 Russian GP had been a milestone in the British driver’s career.

“When I think back to the race in Russia, I believe it was a turning point for Lando himself and for the team in terms of how we need to operate when the pressure mounts and how we must collaborate to make good decisions by bringing the unique information you have when you’re on the track and the unique information you have from the pit wall.”

“But looking back at that race, I think the responsibility lies with the pit wall, because we did not sufficiently enforce the pit stop call. The driver on the track can’t see if it’s raining elsewhere. We could see it. Even so, he did his job, but we were not ready, in a way, to clinch the victory.”

The Italian acknowledges that chasing down this hard-earned success has also made him realize the extent of what Red Bull has been achieving since 2021: “It’s never easy to win races, and looking at what Red Bull has accomplished, I never underestimate what they have achieved.”

“I always tip my hat because there are so many ways to go wrong. The fact that they have managed to string together so many victories is simply incredible. We are just at the beginning of this journey and I hope we will have more days like this in the future.”

2021 Russian GP A Crucial Turn for Norris and McLaren

2021 Russian GP Turning Point. 2021 Russian GP Turning Point

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