The China Grand Prix: Speed and Spectacle in Formula 1

The Shanghai International Circuit, situated quite a distance from the eponymous metropolis, has been a consistent host of the Chinese leg of the Formula 1 World Championship for several years. Despite China lacking a rich motorsport history, it secured a spot on the F1 program as early as 2004.

China F1 Grand Prix

The Shanghai International Circuit

The Shanghai International Circuit presents a formidable challenge with its mix of high-speed turns, slow bends, and two long straight stretches. The circuit’s design is influenced by the Chinese word ‘shang,’ meaning ‘rise’ in English.

The extended straight stretch between turns thirteen and fourteen provides high-powered cars an opportunity to either widen the gap or make up for lost ground. Cars with aerodynamic advantages particularly shine in the second sector.

Over the years, the Grand Prix of China has proven to be exceptionally thrilling. The diversity of turns and the demanding nature of the track leave little room for errors.

When is the Grand Prix of China 2023 scheduled?

Last contested in 2019 before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in the Asian country, the Grand Prix of China is currently not slated for 2023. However, efforts are underway to earnestly change the minds of F1 decision-makers.


2019Lewis Hamilton
2018Daniel Ricciardo
2017Lewis Hamilton
2016Nico Rosberg
2015Lewis Hamilton


First GP2004
Number of Laps56
Circuit Length5.451 kilometers
Fastest Lap1:32.238 (2004)
2019 WinnerLewis Hamilton
2019 Second PlaceValtteri Bottas
2019 Third PlaceSebastian Vettel

November 2022 Rumors Surrounding Chinese Grand Prix Cancellation

In early November 2022, speculations emerged suggesting the potential cancellation of the Chinese leg of the Formula 1 due to the continued implementation of China’s zero-COVID strategy. Uncertainty loomed over whether the race would be replaced. Ultimately, the Grand Prix faced cancellation, reducing the calendar to 23 races. Nonetheless, the Shanghai International Circuit successfully renewed its FIA Grade 1 license for the 2024 season.

China F1 Grand Prix China F1 Grand Prix China F1 Grand Prix

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