Belgian Grand Prix – F1 Spa-Francorchamps’ Legendary Circuit

The renowned Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, celebrated as the lengthiest circuit on the entire calendar, will host the Belgian GP on July 30, 2022, as per the schedule.

Belgian Grand Prix

Spa-Francorchamps, a historic circuit, is hosting the Belgian GP for the 52nd time. Stretching over 7.004 km, it holds the title of the longest track this season. The circuit’s distinctive feature lies in its natural setting, with twenty challenging corners and sections that demand considerable speed. Drivers and teams will need to fine-tune their cars for the optimal balance between sufficient downforce and speed on the straight stretches.

Verstappen at Spa

While the Belgian Grand Prix serves as a semi-home race for Verstappen, he has historically encountered limited luck on this circuit. In his first five years in Formula 1, he managed to secure only one podium finish in 2018. Twice he suffered a Did Not Finish (DNF), including in 2019 after a dramatic start and a collision with Kimi Räikkönen. In 2020, he climbed the podium for the second time, finishing third behind the two Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. The following year, a successful qualification secured the win for Verstappen. The race was run for just a few laps behind the safety car before a definitive red flag. In 2022, Verstappen claimed victory after starting from fourteenth place.

The Rain-Soaked Belgian Grand Prix in 2021

The 2021 Belgian Grand Prix will be remembered in the history books for all the wrong reasons. The race saw only a few laps behind the safety car before the race director permanently halted proceedings. Consequently, half the points were awarded to the drivers. Qualification became crucial, and Verstappen clinched pole position, ultimately being declared the race winner. George Russell impressively qualified in second place, securing his first podium in Formula 1.

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