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Vesti Conquers Monaco F2 Pole Amidst a Trio of Red Flags



Conquers Monaco F2 Pole

In a breathtaking display of skill and determination, Frederik Vesti has emerged victorious amidst tumultuous circumstances. Vesti brilliantly claimed the pole position at the iconic Monaco F2 Championship, conquering the challenging circuit despite the appearance of three disruptive red flags. This achievement marks a significant moment in the ongoing competition, with Vesti showcasing his unrivalled racing prowess.

Frederik Vesti, from Denmark, secured two Formula 2 Championship points by clinching pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix on Friday.

Vesti clocked the quickest time in Group B during Monaco’s distinct split qualifying session. Victor Martina, who topped Group A, will join him in the front row for the main race.

The qualifying procedure saw multiple disruptions due to accidents involving Arthur Leclerc, Jehan Daruvala, and Clement Novalak during the closing of the second session. These incidents increased the red flag count to six throughout the F2 weekend thus far.

Frederik Vesti’s championship contender, Theo Pourchaire, finished second in Group B, followed closely by Zane Maloney. Jack Crawford, Ayumu Iwasa, and Amaury Cordeel were the next in line.

Juan Manuel Correa placed seventh in Group B, trailed by Clement Vovalak, Dennis Hauger, and Ralph Boschung. The list of Group B’s 11 drivers was concluded by Brad Benavides.

Jack Doohan came right after Victor Martins in Group A. He was visibly annoyed with Kush Maini’s sluggish pace, which affected his attempt to top the charts. Richard Verschoor, Jehan Daruvala, and Isaac Hadjar wrapped up the first session in third, fourth, and fifth places, respectively.


Kush Maini and Enzo Fittipaldi were next, while Oliver Bearman was ahead of Roy Nissany. Arthur Leclerc concluded ahead of Roman Stanek, who had incurred a grid penalty due to his practice mishap with Boschung.

Given that the second qualifying group’s results determined the pole position, Vesti and the other drivers in Group B will start from the right-hand side of the grid for the feature race, while drivers in Group A will begin from the left.

PosDriverTeamGroup AGroup BLaps
1Frederik VestiPrema1m21.053s10
2Victor MartinsART Grand Prix1m21.231s10
3Theo PourchaireART Grand Prix1m21.105s10
4Jack DoohanVirtuosi Racing1m21.432s10
5Zane MaloneyCarlin1m21.463s10
6Richard VerschoorVan Amersfoort Racing1m21.639s11
7Jak CrawfordHitech GP1m21.576s10
8Jehan DaruvalaMP Motorsport1m21.642s11
9Ayumu IwasaDAMS1m21.796s10
10Isack HadjarHitech GP1m21.645s10
11Amaury CordeelVirtuosi Racing1m21.809s10
12Kush MainiCampos Racing1m21.820s11
13Juan Manuel CorreaVan Amersfoort Racing1m21.835s10
14Enzo FittipaldiCarlin1m21.824s9
15Clement NovalakTrident1m22.088s10
16Ollie BearmanPrema1m22.201s9
17Dennis HaugerMP Motorsport1m22.097s10
18Roy NissanyPHM by Charouz1m22.804s10
19Ralph BoschungCampos Racing1m22.182s10
20Arthur LeclercDAMS1m23.340s6
21Brad BenavidesPHM by Charouz1m22.721s10
22Roman StanekTrident1m24.600s10

Vesti Conquers Monaco F2 Pole 2023 Vesti Conquers Monaco F2 Pole 2023 Vesti Conquers Monaco F2 Pole 2023 Vesti Conquers Monaco F2 Pole 2023

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