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Williams F1 Fan Engagement: Decide the Gulf Livery Design



F1 Gulf Livery

Calling all F1 enthusiasts! In a first-of-its-kind fan engagement event, the Williams Formula 1 team is offering you the chance to decide their unique Gulf livery for three upcoming Grand Prix races. Choose from four intriguing options, and let your favourite design grace the races in Singapore, Japan, and Qatar. It’s your call, so make your vote count!

The Williams Formula 1 team will sport a unique Gulf livery for three upcoming Grand Prix races, with the exact design to be selected through a ‘tournament’ vote. Gulf Oil, who had previously sponsored a unique livery for McLaren in Monaco two years prior, became a Williams sponsor this year.

Their influence on the principal livery on the FW45 is rather subtle, with their logo placed on a design largely similar to the one Williams used in 2022. However, there were hints of upcoming “fan-focused activation plans” in the announcement.

The voting process, unveiled by Williams, embodies this fan engagement, offering four livery choices for the car’s design, which will be seen in races in Singapore, Japan, and Qatar.

The team based in Grove has officially revealed two design options for the initial ‘semi-final’ round: the ‘Bolder Than Bold’ livery, primarily light blue with hints of orange, and ‘Contemporary’, boasting a more dominant orange presence with the addition of ‘speed lines’.

Voting between these two liveries will remain open until 12pm BST (11am GMT) on June 4. Following that, on June 5, a new contest will commence between two other livery options: ‘Visionary’, a more vibrant, almost BMW-like design, and ‘Heritage’, essentially a pared-down version of the traditional Gulf livery.

The winners of these individual matchups will likely be put up against each other for the final round of voting. You can cast your vote for your preferred livery here.

Williams F1 team Gulf Livery Fan Engagement Williams F1 team Gulf Livery Fan Engagement Williams F1 team Gulf Livery Fan Engagement



  1. IZUEL

    26/05/2023 at 14:35

    I’m torn between ‘Bolder Than Bold’ and ‘Heritage’ for my choice.

  2. sandra

    26/05/2023 at 14:34

    The McLaren interpretation of the livery seemed more appealing. It appears as though Williams is making a significant effort to avoid replicating that iconic design, leading to a somewhat puzzling outcome… so, I’m leaning towards the heritage option.

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