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Will Mercedes’ Major Upgrade Alter the Course of Monaco Grand Prix?



Mercedes Upgrade Monaco GP F1 2023 Russell and Hamilton

Amid the glamour of Monaco’s winding streets, Mercedes is set to unleash a major upgrade package for their W14s, led by confident pilots, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. Facing Red Bull’s dominance and challenging new rules, could this technical salvo mark Mercedes’ grand resurgence on the Grand Prix grid?

George Russell remains confident that Mercedes will not be derailed by the launch of its substantial upgrade package in the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix.

The W14s, driven by Russell and Lewis Hamilton, will be enhanced with a new suspension system, a redesigned floor, and revised sidepods. This forms part of the team’s plan to regain their leading position, especially in light of Red Bull’s dominance.

The simultaneous release of aerodynamic and mechanical improvements signals Mercedes’ development direction, which marks only the beginning of a strategy aimed at rectifying the car’s issues that have been persistent since new rules were implemented at the start of the previous season.

The launch of the upgrade package was initially scheduled for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola the previous weekend. However, the race was cancelled due to the severe damage caused by extensive flooding in the area.

While Monaco might not have been Mercedes’ first choice for introducing the upgrade, the non-‘plug and play’ nature of the improvements has forced the team to proceed with this venue.

“Entering a track like this always demands a certain level of respect, and it requires gradual acclimation,” Russell stated.


“However, I have faith in the team and I don’t anticipate anything frightful in relation to this new upgrade, something that would completely unsettle us.

“We will approach this weekend as a unique event, then reassess the situation for Barcelona (the upcoming Spanish GP next weekend) but I don’t foresee any major impediments.

“Honestly, I’m pleased that we are going ahead with the update this weekend because the aim is always to enhance the car’s performance to the maximum extent possible.

“It would have been quite disheartening for everyone involved if we knew we had some performance enhancements available, yet they were merely sitting idle in the factory.”

Russell has rigorously evaluated the upgrades in the simulator and is assured that they will provide an advantage, even within the narrow and winding confines of the Principality circuit.

“Our trials with the simulator have thus far been promising,” Russell asserted. “We have both aerodynamic and mechanical enhancements.

“Aerodynamic improvements revolve around overall downforce, which all teams are pursuing. While this doesn’t necessarily guarantee faster lap times, it’s definitely going to enhance performance. As for the mechanical updates, we’ll need to wait until we hit the track to assess their impact.


“Some may argue that the upgrades may yield greater results on the track than in the simulator, because they’re likely to boost our confidence while driving the car. This is an element that isn’t really a constraint in the simulator.

“Therefore, there’s a possibility that the track may reveal more benefits than what we’ve observed in the simulator.”

Like Russell, Hamilton is appreciative that his car is being equipped with the upgrades for Monaco, but he also acknowledges the constraints that this particular circuit brings.

“Evaluating the effectiveness of these upgrades at such a track will be challenging,” commented the seven-time F1 champion. “However, I’m optimistic that it could help us close the gap with our competitors.

“I don’t necessarily expect us to be contending for a victory, but hopefully, we’ll be more competitive.

“I felt a bit disappointed when the last race was cancelled – even though it was undoubtedly the right decision – as I was really eager to test this new package.

“While Monaco might not be the best track to fully witness the fruition of these upgrades, we’re hoping to see more progress in the coming week.”


Mercedes Upgrade Monaco GP F1 2023 Russell and Hamilton Mercedes Upgrade Monaco GP F1 2023 Russell and Hamilton Mercedes Upgrade Monaco GP F1 2023 Russell and Hamilton Mercedes Upgrade Monaco GP F1 2023 Russell and Hamilton

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