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Exploring Mercedes’ 2023 F1 Car Redesign



Mercedes 2023 F1 Car

From an initial glimpse to an in-depth examination, Mercedes’ 2023 F1 car upgrade at the Monaco Grand Prix proves to be a significant engineering feat. As the cloak of secrecy begins to lift, revealing redesigned suspensions and updated sidepods, the magnitude of change is already stirring anticipation.

So far, Mercedes has only given us a glimpse of its significant 2023 Formula 1 car upgrade at the Monaco Grand Prix, but the magnitude of modifications is already apparent.

We have already caught sight of certain elements of the redesigned front suspension and distinct images of the updated sidepod, affirming some assumptions about the mechanical and aerodynamic aspects of this enhancement bundle.

Determining concrete details can be challenging for various reasons – restricted views of the suspension, the sidepod bodywork not being attached to the car, and the lack of any images of the floor.

Mercedes 2023 F1 Car

Even when the full car is unveiled, we are likely to only observe the surface alterations made to the floor, as the crucial details are concealed beneath.

Nevertheless, we can draw preliminary conclusions about the degree of change in the new front suspension and sidepods compared to their predecessors and their intended objectives

Mercedes has evidently emphasized improved platform control in its mechanical modifications and has extensively discussed this in conjunction with its bodywork enhancements.

Mercedes 2023 F1 Car

Regarding the front suspension, the front top wishbone has been relocated higher, incorporating a slight bend instead of a straight arm, with protrusions in the nose to facilitate this.

However, we are currently unable to ascertain if the rear top wishbone has also been placed lower, and we require clear side-view images to calculate the angle.

The Red Bull operates with approximately 45 degrees of front anti-dive, while the previous Mercedes only had around 15 degrees. The modifications Mercedes seems to have implemented would escalate this angle.

Mercedes 2023 F1 Car

The updated sidepods on the new Mercedes now sport a conventional horizontal radiator inlet instead of a vertical one, but they don’t feature the pronounced undercutting seen in the Red Bull or Aston Martin designs.

This is most likely because the current cockpit position and side impact structures restrict Mercedes from adopting that sidepod design.

Being committed to the same chassis as before, it has to make do with these constraints. This probably clarifies why the side impact protection system (SIPS) wing, which seems to be subtly reshaped, remains visibly exposed and positioned in front of the now more standard sidepod form behind.

The Mercedes thus appears like a modification to a traditional sidepod within these fixed constraints, implying the abandonment of the former, distinctively compact design in favor of a design that extends further along the car’s body, declining towards the rear in a downwash style akin to the Aston Martin.


Nevertheless, this seems more basic than the other, more advanced versions of this style, with the images seen to date implying a less distinct ‘water slide’ between the sidepod’s outer edge and the engine bodywork.

As this is Mercedes’ first attempt at such a design, and it has been configured around the existing car and engine framework, there is likely ample scope for further evolution.

One aspect of the new Mercedes design that could be prominent when the car is viewed in its complete form is that the retained high cooling cannon on the engine cover, along with the revised wider sidepod and downwash, will expose more of the rear area.

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