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McLaren Commemorates Iconic Wins with Special Livery Design



McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 2023 Triple Crown Tribute

In a dazzling tribute to its racing pedigree, McLaren will display a special livery at the upcoming Formula 1 Monaco and Spanish Grands Prix. As part of its 60th-anniversary celebrations, the livery melds three commemorative colour schemes from its IndyCar team, each representing a historic Triple Crown victory. This unique fusion of past glories, set against the backdrop of a challenging season, promises a spectacular sight at the high-profile races, symbolizing McLaren’s enduring spirit and commitment to motorsport excellence.

During the Formula 1 Monaco and Spanish Grands Prix, McLaren will showcase a unique livery that merges the three commemorative colour schemes used by its IndyCar team this month.

McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 2023 Triple Crown Tribute

As part of their 60th-anniversary celebrations, McLaren incorporated a black, white, and papaya colour scheme to pay tribute to their Triple Crown victories from their rich history.

For its three full-time vehicles competing in the Indianapolis 500, McLaren has already introduced individual versions of each of the three colour schemes.

In the Monaco Grand Prix, McLaren’s Formula 1 vehicles will feature a tripartite design, bringing together all of the tribute liveries.

The car’s black front third signifies McLaren’s unexpected victory at the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours with the McLaren F1GTR, achieved during its first appearance in the renowned race. It overcame much faster prototypes, thanks to the combination of overnight rainfall and superior durability.

The car’s middle segment, colored in “ice white”, is an homage to the Marlboro-branded cars of McLaren’s history. Specifically, it represents the MP4/2, the car with which Alain Prost clinched victory in the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix, marking the first of 15 McLaren wins in Monaco.

McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 2023 Triple Crown Tribute

The design also mirrors the old Marlboro liveries through the papaya-colored rear third of the car. When paired with the white, it closely resembles the complete Monaco ’84 tribute livery currently driven by Felix Rosenqvist in IndyCar.

Lastly, the papaya element commemorates McLaren’s 1974 Indy 500 victory with Johnny Rutherford.

The unique Triple Crown livery will also grace McLaren’s cars at the Spanish Grand Prix, which immediately follows Monaco in the racing series. This decision was made as the Imola event scheduled to kick off the series last weekend was cancelled due to regional flooding.

McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 2023 Triple Crown Tribute

In addition to the distinctive liveries for the Monaco and Indy 500 races, McLaren intends to further celebrate their Triple Crown victories by producing five “showcase films”. These films will narrate the team’s story, including interviews with some of the drivers who played pivotal roles in those triumphs.

Despite the livery serving as a tribute to McLaren’s impressive and long-standing motorsport legacy, and their IndyCar team securing positions in the first three rows with all four cars for the 500, the F1 team approaches the Monaco race amidst a challenging season.

The team began the year at a disadvantage, not having been able to complete crucial developments in time for its launch car, which only debuted in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in April.

During the most recent race in Miami, McLaren showcased the least competitiveness it has exhibited all year. However, the circuit layout significantly contributed to this, and the Monaco track is expected to be more favorable for the car. Lando Norris, who has an impressive recent history in Monaco, including scoring a podium in 2021 with another unique livery and finishing sixth the previous year, further bolsters these expectations.


McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 Triple Crown Tribute 2023 McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 Triple Crown Tribute 2023 McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 Triple Crown Tribute 2023 McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 Triple Crown Tribute 2023 McLaren Historic Race Liveries F1 Triple Crown Tribute 2023



  1. Michael

    23/05/2023 at 22:57

    A fresh livery could be the exact spark Lando Norris requires to rekindle his battle for podium finishes.

  2. whiterabbit

    23/05/2023 at 22:53

    It appears you’re suggesting that the livery design McLaren has chosen integrates colors traditionally associated with other brands and racing teams, namely the Gulf orange, which is darker and redder than any shade McLaren has used before, and Ford’s Bermuda Blue, which was featured on some of John Wyer’s GT40s……..You seem to be proposing that if McLaren wanted to innovate while staying true to its history, they could have opted for a red design with silver trim, a color scheme more rooted in their past. The light blue, in your perspective, has no historical link to McLaren and seems to be an attempt at creating a retro aesthetic that doesn’t align with the brand’s authentic past. This, to you, seems like a misrepresentation of their history.

  3. samstokes

    23/05/2023 at 22:51

    It seems you’re expressing frustration over the performance of McLaren’s vehicles, suggesting that the focus on elaborate colour schemes may detract from efforts on improving the car’s performance. However, it’s important to note that different departments handle these aspects, with design and performance teams operating separately.

  4. Sarah

    23/05/2023 at 22:49

    It appears you’re making a reference to the fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” suggesting that much ado is being made about something that might not have substantial value or impact. In this context, you seem to be alluding to Lewis Hamilton’s recent activities or changes.

  5. sandra

    23/05/2023 at 22:46

    It’s evident you have a fondness for cars with more white in their liveries. It’s indeed a regret that McLaren doesn’t maintain this visually striking design all year round. Other teams like Alpha Romeo, Ferrari, and Red Bull have also had compelling results with vibrant colour schemes in the past.

    In contrast, the current trend towards dull, dark, matte or carbon fibre finishes seems to be somewhat disappointing for you. This sentiment highlights the significant impact of aesthetic appeal in racing, alongside technical prowess. After all, the visual appeal of these magnificent machines is a huge part of what makes the sport so captivating.

  6. olivier

    23/05/2023 at 22:45

    Reminiscing about the days when Bruce McLaren himself raced against Jim Clark indeed takes one back a few years. Despite being an ardent follower of Andretti in IndyCar, it’s clear you retain a fondness for McLaren’s racing legacy. There’s something truly special about the heritage of these iconic teams.

  7. IZUEL

    23/05/2023 at 22:44

    While it doesn’t quite match up to the distinctively-orange-but-definitely-not-Marlboro Indy livery (seriously, it’s high time to fully embrace that), it surpasses the standard 2023 design by a long shot.

  8. Moise

    23/05/2023 at 22:43

    Erin….Allow me to decode this through the lens of ‘Netflix language’:

    The car’s black front third is attributed to McLaren’s surprising 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours victory with the McLaren F1GTR, during its inaugural participation in the renowned race. This victory was brought about by a combination of overnight rain and superior car reliability, enabling it to surpass far speedier prototypes. The black front is entirely a result of the incessant goal of weight reduction, necessitated by the Pignatelli regulations that demand car sizes equivalent to Range Rovers. The coincidence of this design with the Le Mans winning vehicle (which was not officially a McLaren car) was an opportunity eagerly grasped by expert marketer Brown.

    This observation is by no means intended to downplay McLaren’s incredible achievements in motorsport, but rather to identify the realities as they are.

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