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Monaco Grand Prix: The Anticipation Builds Amid Fears of Rain Disruption



Monaco Gp F1 2023 Rain

Everyone is hoping for clear skies, but with a lingering chance of rain mirroring the weather situation in Miami, will history repeat itself? This year’s grand prix brings uncertainty, excitement, and a break from traditions.

The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix was cancelled due to the severe flooding caused by prolonged rainfall in May, an event that has led everyone in the Formula 1 paddock to wish for clear skies over the upcoming Monaco weekend.

Even though there’s a minor possibility of rain disrupting the three-day event this weekend, at this point, the probability seems to be just about the same as it was during the previous championship round in Miami.

In a departure from the decades-long tradition of Thursday running, drivers will now have their first taste of the notoriously narrow and winding street circuit on Friday. The weather is anticipated to be partly cloudy, with temperatures hovering in the lower 20s for both practice sessions. There’s also a 40% likelihood of rainfall at some point on Friday, marking it as the day with the highest rain risk over the weekend.

As for Saturday, the weather is predicted to be largely similar, with a slightly decreased possibility of rain potentially touching down in the afternoon during the most significant qualifying session of the season.

Sunday, the race day, is projected to be the warmest of the three track action days, yet a 20% chance of rain influencing the race cannot be completely ruled out. The Miami Grand Prix earlier this month had a similar rain forecast, but the drivers managed to steer clear of any showers during the Florida sessions.

Last year, this race was one of the rare ones to commence under wet conditions due to a sudden rain shower just before the scheduled start. This led to a delay in the start, partially because the race director was worried about the lack of wet-condition running earlier in the weekend. A subsequent heavier rainfall caused additional interruption.


The race finally kicked off behind the Safety Car, and as the Monte Carlo streets gradually dried up, Sergio Perez managed to take the lead through the pit cycle.

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Monaco Grand Prix: The End of Special Treatment?

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