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Mercedes Announces £70M Silicon Valley-inspired F1 Factory Revamp



Mercedes F1 Factory

Mercedes is breaking new ground, announcing the next stage in its ambitious £70m ($87m) factory expansion to emulate a Silicon Valley-esque environment. Aimed at a grand transformation of the existing Brackley campus, the plan entails remarkable upgrades and advancements.

Mercedes has announced the next steps in its £70m ($87m) factory expansion, which is aimed at creating a workplace reminiscent of Silicon Valley for its team.

The company has already relocated its clean rooms, race bays, machine shop, and subassembly workshops to cutting-edge facilities within the current Brackley campus.

Next, the team plans to acquire adjacent land for further site growth, which includes the development of notable facilities focusing on employee health and wellbeing, novel sustainability infrastructure, and enhanced vehicle circulation.

This would eventually allow the majority of the campus to be pedestrian-friendly.

Mercedes completed the outright acquisition of the Brackley campus just last year in 2022. The latest round of investment is expected to facilitate the establishment of a new health and wellbeing center, a promotional building at the site’s entrance—allowing the design office to expand within the primary technical center—and a brand-new parking structure equipped with a solar power system capable of charging 70 electric vehicles.

Team leader Toto Wolff believes that the campus’s refurbishment is essential, not just to accommodate the growing team, but also to enhance the quality of the work environment and promote sustainability.


Wolff shared that their campus was initially built to house 350 people, but their workforce has now ballooned to 1,250.

He recounted the rapid evolution of the campus over the past five years and expressed plans for further expansion with several new buildings, transforming it into a contemporary style campus.

Planned facilities include breakout areas, restaurants, and cutting-edge gym and marketing buildings.

“All these enhancements are intended for our people. Here, function drives form, not vice versa. We’re doing all of this to create a fantastic place to work and spend time. We envision it as a small community of its own, complete with all the amenities and advantages typically associated with a Silicon Valley-style setting,” stated Wolff.

Mercedes is committed to ensuring that the new buildings will be net zero, relying entirely on renewable energy sources, both onsite and offsite. This move will future-proof the site for potential further expansion, while also serving the local community. Notably, this includes the shared use of the parking facility with the nearby Brackley Town Football Club.

The factory’s investment has been underway since 2017. Meanwhile, in other industry updates, Aston Martin is preparing to transition into its new factory in the upcoming weeks, and both McLaren and Alpine have been making considerable investments in their facilities.

Mercedes F1 Factory Mercedes F1 Factory Mercedes F1 Factory Mercedes F1 Factory


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