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Hamilton: Adapting Team Dynamics and Striving for Success Post Cullen Split



Hamilton Team Cullen F1

In the high-octane world of Formula 1, champion driver Lewis Hamilton has faced a fresh challenge, not on the racing track, but within his personal support team. Revealing a significant shake-up following his unexpected split with long-term physiotherapist Angela Cullen, Hamilton is now navigating his career with a newly restructured team.

Lewis Hamilton has unveiled the transformations made to his personal team following his recent split from his long-standing physiotherapist, Angela Cullen, where now the responsibility is divided between two individuals.

Cullen had been the Mercedes driver’s physio since 2016 and was often spotted alongside Hamilton until their unforeseen separation in March of this year. Hamilton revealed that he’s currently collaborating with a more expansive team to maximize his physical prowess.

“My arrangement has altered slightly,” he stated. “The duties are now divided between two people, while the rest of my team remains unchanged.

“My current structure is excellent, with one person, Stevo [Stephen Lord, previously his race team coordinator], who has been with me since my inaugural race at McLaren.

“He joined me here when I transitioned from McLaren as my gearbox engineer, and since then, he’s held various positions and is currently assisting me,” he added.

Hamilton has a support team of three other individuals involved in his training regimen, yet he still maintains consistent contact with Cullen.


“Ange and I chatted just recently, and we stay in touch fairly frequently. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll always be part of each other’s lives, always searching for the next exciting adventure, be it skydiving or maybe even climbing Mount Everest together at some point. We continue to support each other on our respective journeys,” he explained.

The seven-time world champion is currently facing the longest victory drought of his career, having not clinched a win since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Prior to the Miami Grand Prix, Hamilton reposted a message from NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo on social media, which read: “You work towards a goal. It’s not failure; it’s steps to success”.

Hamilton mentioned that this message struck a chord with him as he is working hard to guide Mercedes back to their winning form.

“I found what he said to be inspiring,” Hamilton commented. “Throughout my entire career, I’ve observed that perspective from certain individuals, and I believe I can comprehend the frustration.

“We’re all striving to make the most of what we have, and victory isn’t always possible. In the last race [Baku], I moved up from 10th to 6th place. That’s not a failure, but rather the necessary steps towards reaching where you need to be. There are numerous lessons to be learned, some of which may be painful.

“However, I found his way of expressing it to be excellent and articulate, which is why I shared it,” he added.

Hamilton currently holds the fourth position in the Formula 1 championship, having only managed one podium finish this season, which was in Melbourne.


Hamilton Team Angela Cullen F1 Physio Changes to Victory Droughts Hamilton Team Angela Cullen F1 Physio Changes to Victory Droughts Hamilton Team Angela Cullen F1 Physio Changes to Victory Droughts Hamilton Team Angela Cullen F1 Physio Changes to Victory Droughts

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