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Rossi’s Ultimatum: Alpine Must Step Up or Face Change



Laurent Rossi Alpine team Miami GP F1 2023 Otmar Szafnauer Team Improvement

After Miami GP 2023, Alpine F1 Team CEO Demands Immediate Improvement: Rossi Threatens Changes Amid F1 Team’s Underperformance. Alpine’s Formula 1 team is under fire as CEO Laurent Rossi demands immediate improvements and refuses to wait until the end of the year to make changes if underperformance continues.

Alpine F1 Team CEO Laurent Rossi declares that he will not wait until the end of the year to implement changes if Alpine’s Formula 1 team continues to underperform in 2023.

Prior to the Miami Grand Prix, Rossi expressed harsh disapproval of Renault’s works team during an interview with French broadcaster Canal+. He described Alpine’s season as “disappointing” and their position as not reflecting the resources invested in the team.

Although Alpine achieved a double points finish at the Miami GP, the team currently ranks sixth in the constructors’ championship, on par with McLaren, whose car has been significantly slower this year.

The team is already 64 points behind the top four teams, a group they aimed to be much closer to before the season began.

Additional criticisms from Rossi surfaced during the Miami GP weekend in an interview on Formula 1’s website, where he pointed out that the team is “committing too many errors” this season.

Rossi urged for a shift in mentality within the team, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging mistakes, avoiding their repetition, and learning from them.


Rossi mentioned that there have been “numerous excuses” for the team’s “subpar performance and absence of operational excellence” this year.

He emphasized the need to address these issues and involve the right people. Rossi added that the team members must recognize their responsibility in making improvements, as it is not solely up to him.

Rossi expressed his hope that the team would agree with his assessment and emphasized the importance of addressing these concerns.

When questioned about team principal Otmar Szafnauer’s role within the team and the accountability he should bear, Rossi responded that Szafnauer’s job is to ensure the team’s performance.

Rossi highlighted that there is no room for concealment, and Szafnauer was appointed to guide the team towards their objectives of continuous progress, aiming for podium finishes.

Hence, Szafnauer’s mission is to transform the team and achieve the desired performance levels.

Rossi also touched upon the concept of trust, explaining that everyone starts with a certain level of trust that is impacted by setbacks in the competitive world of sports. He acknowledged Szafnauer’s capabilities but emphasized the enormity of the task ahead.


Szafnauer, who has served as Alpine’s team principal since the beginning of 2022, responded to Rossi’s initial comments made to Canal+ after the Miami GP.

He mentioned that he only saw the headline and hadn’t had the chance to read the full content. Szafnauer acknowledged the team’s underperformance in Baku, the drivers’ collision in Australia, and a series of penalties in the first race. He recognized that the season had not started smoothly.

Szafnauer speculated that these events might have triggered Rossi’s comments, and he committed to addressing the issues. He emphasized the importance of understanding the root causes and ensuring proper processes or personnel are in place to prevent recurrence.

He also clarified that Alpine’s trackside race team is responsible for maximizing the car’s performance during races, rather than the overall performance of the car itself.

Szafnauer explained that while the ultimate performance of the car is determined elsewhere, extracting its full potential during races depends on the track team’s performance. Therefore, both aspects need attention and improvement.

Szafnauer emphasized that ensuring a car’s ultimate performance in Formula 1 is the most challenging aspect. He explained that while there are 100 people at the track, 1,000 more are working at the base, with 900 of them focused on performance. At the track, the team’s primary responsibility is to avoid mistakes, prevent issues like engine fires, and ensure correct setups during limited practice time.

He maintained that the team is already under pressure and is capable of addressing the problems without additional pressure from external sources. Szafnauer plans to discuss Rossi’s comments with him to understand the reasons behind his criticism.

Rossi clarified that his critique was not directed at drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon, acknowledging that the team needs to provide them with better performance. He also dismissed the notion of a lack of resources as an excuse, citing Aston Martin’s progress as evidence. According to Rossi, Aston Martin has fewer engineers and lacks certain facilities, but their rapid development is a result of having the right people and prioritizing creativity and efficiency.


He emphasized that these factors are the rules of the game, and he does not accept the resource excuse as valid.

Rossi is unwilling to adjust the team’s expectations despite Aston’s advancements and asserts that he will not hesitate to take necessary measures if the underperformance persists.

He expressed his reluctance to change targets in order to provide comfort, emphasizing that he does not enter a competition to reset objectives just because it is more convenient. Rossi believes that the team has the resources to achieve fourth place and anything less would be considered a failure.

However, if the team makes a genuine effort by giving their all to turn the situation around, Rossi acknowledges that there may be extenuating circumstances, and it could be a positive sign for the future.

If the team fails to improve, Rossi warns that there will be consequences, and he will not wait until the end of the year to take action. He insists that the current trajectory is not promising and emphasizes the need to change the team’s mindset as soon as possible.

Laurent Rossi Alpine team Miami GP F1 2023 Otmar Szafnauer Team Improvement Laurent Rossi Alpine team Miami GP F1 2023 Otmar Szafnauer Team Improvement Laurent Rossi Alpine team Miami GP F1 2023 Otmar Szafnauer Team Improvement Laurent Rossi Alpine team Miami GP F1 2023 Otmar Szafnauer Team Improvement Laurent Rossi Alpine team Miami GP F1 2023 Otmar Szafnauer Team Improvement

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